Friday, July 31, 2009

Here’s to HOT!

So I ’m sure you’ve heard by now it has been over the top hot here in the Northwest.  No doubt you also have heard many of us don’t have air conditioning, we are lucky to have a couple of fans.  So in an effort to fight the heat we drove to the Oregon Coast earlier this week.  We were hot, hot, hot and just needed a break.  Doesn’t it sound reasonable to take an afternoon and treat yourself to some fun and cooler temperatures? 

I ask you. does it look like I’m having fun?

beach setup kimmy 050 We were totally freezing!  Do you honestly think I would remember to take a coat to the beach in 100+ heat??

beach setup kimmy 044  Cover me up please…beach setup kimmy 045 Are you coming?beach setup kimmy 047 Thanks!





beach setup kimmy 029 beach setup kimmy 026


beach setup kimmy 031

beach setup kimmy 030That should be good, lets go…

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Learning more computer tricks…

While I was at Barn House, I had lots of conversations (and if you know me your thinking, yeah so when haven’t you)with lots of different people. One that stuck in my head was with Kim, she said she does her posts in Live Writer, it’s a free download. Well, you know free is very enticing… so I tried it and when I finished the most wonderful post ever, right at the end I erased it… Now I’m giving it another shot…Much easier to manipulate where you want your pictures than Blogger, but… still, there is the chance…

I say what the heck, live life on the edge… try something new!

This Saturday, I took the camera, which I sort of think I should name, since she is my new best friend, I was thinking of Camera pronounced like Tamara, but with a “C”.

No, well feel free to leave your suggestion.

But as I was saying, we went to The Land of Tartecindy and kimmy's shower 003

Grab a bag and join me.

cindy and kimmy's shower 072

Can I offer you a drink?

cindy and kimmy's shower 017

Sorry too late! Actually this makes me want to take up drinking something that comes in a bottle worth hanging…

(Somehow a Diet Coke can just wouldn’t be the same..)

I love this bouquet that Cindy’s mom Susan brought.

cindy and kimmy's shower 081 cindy and kimmy's shower 084

Lovely dishes from Annie, Fannie and Abigail.

cindy and kimmy's shower 035

Cindy and Robin on their way to see how it’s going at the tag sale in the stalls below.. cindy and kimmy's shower 011

Joe taking a minute for a phone call.cindy and kimmy's shower 053

I had a great time!

cindy and kimmy's shower 068

That evening I took Camera and went to a bridal shower for Kimmy.

cindy and kimmy's shower 139

Who wouldn't want to wear this lovely veil?cindy and kimmy's shower 141

I’m pretty sure that was a real diamond.

It is important to get what you might need when you will be honeymooning in Hawaii.

cindy and kimmy's shower 181

We were having fun, but someone got bored and fell asleep after he drained his drink!

cindy and kimmy's shower 106

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Begins....

I have a charm that says... Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.
Well, I'm living now for sure!
I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now how I feel about pulling a trailer. I have done it several times and I always hate it... (the fact that I hit a car with the boat trailer in a parking lot is always there, in the back of my mind, making me uncomfortable.) I'm also fairly certain they can come off that little ball at anytime and go cruising down the highway on their own. (The fact that I have been there when one did indeed come off the little ball and was hanging on only by a small chain only confirms my fears...) So it only stands to reason that I would not want to drive a motor home... I can imagine all kinds of scenarios that could take place with me behind the wheel,
(I'd much prefer to be lounging on the bed when some mishap should take place...)
Well, as luck should have it, I found myself behind the wheel of Dumbo (the rv) this weekend...
I just grabbed the wheel and off Sam and I took. Dave the Driver pulling the trailer with a truckful behind us and my sisters for my pilot car, we were off to Barn House only a few hours behind schedule...So Dave had some tail light issues to resolve and I never saw the pilot car... (they couldn't keep up)
Thankfully I had a cell phone, since the sisters/pilot car had the directions, which included a detour. I realize how comforted all the other drivers were seeing a crazed driver weaving down the interstate screaming on a phone, which I later realized was not only unsafe but also illegal in Washington... yes I am a regular law breaker, I have also been known to run with scissors on occasion...
We did all eventually make it to Barn House and I might also say we were not the last ones there for a change!
I wish I had words that would convey the most magical time we had, if you were there you know what I am talking about. It has taken 4 days for me to finish this post because I honestly can't describe with words what makes the Barn House Events so special.
When you compliment Joe or Jermonne about the fabulous job they have done, they will invariably say, its the people who are our vendors, its the wonderful customers who support us... But if you have ever worked with them, it is obvious that they leave no detail to chance, they go the extra mile in every conceivable way, they are incredible hosts not to mention they are just darn fun to be around. I'm pretty sure that is the magic that surrounds Barn House.
I took several pictures, and I know Tiffany, Robin, and Kim were busy capturing the many wonderful moments! I have seen their posts
(as I am evidently the last person to get mine done)
Be sure you check out their blogs because their photos are amazing!
I love the friends you meet at the shows, this is my sweet baby friend Oliver, with his Grandpa.
We met him at Farm Chicks.

Cindy, Joe and Robin getting a little shade.
My sweet friend Zoe, from the Sparrow's nest...
You must recognize Lisa and Isabel

This is Rebecca and her friend
JoDee and Tiffany

More little Sparrow's and Oliver's brother, having some fun in the sun.

Where you go to get your tattoos

Oh sorry, that said tomatoes

Of course what is a party with great food?
Katherine and Karrie make everything, beautiful and delicious.

From Sylvi's booth

Oh my would you look at the time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you Serious??

Can it really be 10 plus days since my last post??

Does that mean I didn't report back on the great morning I had downtown Silverton on the 4th?

Oh my, what fun! I helped put the vendors in their spots, (sneaking a quick peek at their wares) and hung out doing a few odd jobs getting the show started.
It was very, very fun to see other people who stay up late, get up early and start setting up, about the time the sun is coming up!
I was disappointed not to see all the customers who shop this show, since I had been there 4 hours before it started, I only stayed a short time after it opened and saw a few early shoppers. I had, had enough of a good time and went home to get a few things done.
This collage features my friend, Carol Curtis. She is truly one of the most talented people I have ever known, not to mention the nicest!
She also is possibly the most prolific artist I have ever met.
I wish I would have taken more pictures of her booth, if you haven't ever seen it you wouldn't believe what she accomplishes.
I'm not sure why I like her so much, since I feel like a complete slacker when I'm watching her unpack her hundreds of finished projects...
All tidy and organized just like I wish mine were...

Naturally, I had to take something home with me and who could say no to one of this adorable aprons??
Phyllis and I chose the same one, and we each must have tried on a dozen!

I did have to hurry home since I needed to get things finished, tidy and organized to take to Portland Expo!
Well... I failed that, but got there all the same!!
Just a little late, as the gates were locking...
I blame Dave the Driver and the traffic!
These girls don't look stressed!
That is Diane (Molly Mo's) on the left, her daughter Kara in the center and Julie (Kindred Roses) on the right.
Julie and Christa

Do you recognize Sue? (Bella Shabby)
She is a vendor this coming weekend
Saturday, July 18th at the Barn House Flea Market, so am I...
She doesn't look stressed.

Where is your booth Sue?
Where the air conditioning is keeping it so cool you come out wearing a jacket in 85+ degrees??
Oh... maybe that is why your not stressed???
Isabel (Maison Douce) and I.
Julie took this picture before the rain started pouring...
We don't look stressed.
The epitome of not stressed...

Sometimes adults will aggravate their children...
Because they can?? Or because it's fun?
Probably the same reason children aggravate adults...
If there are no children around.

Take some advice...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Hope you and yours have a great 4th of July!

Come join us in Silverton for

Old Stuff on Main Street
Saturday July 4th
9am to 4pm

This is an annual antique sale on Main Street, Silverton every July 4th. I will be there bright and early shopping, but have decided to take the day off... I'm saving my treasures
(not to mention energy)
for next weekend when I will be at Portland Expo and then the following weekend

Saturday, July 18
(when I will join all the crazy fun people for the)
Barn House Flea Market.
Hope to see you there!

Talk about crazy fun!!
Sam turned 8 years old this week!!

We spent the afternoon at Chuckie Cheese,

kids were drinking,

they were driving,

just having a crazy, wild time!


These party animals really live on the edge!

Have a safe and Happy 4th!