Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you Serious??

Can it really be 10 plus days since my last post??

Does that mean I didn't report back on the great morning I had downtown Silverton on the 4th?

Oh my, what fun! I helped put the vendors in their spots, (sneaking a quick peek at their wares) and hung out doing a few odd jobs getting the show started.
It was very, very fun to see other people who stay up late, get up early and start setting up, about the time the sun is coming up!
I was disappointed not to see all the customers who shop this show, since I had been there 4 hours before it started, I only stayed a short time after it opened and saw a few early shoppers. I had, had enough of a good time and went home to get a few things done.
This collage features my friend, Carol Curtis. She is truly one of the most talented people I have ever known, not to mention the nicest!
She also is possibly the most prolific artist I have ever met.
I wish I would have taken more pictures of her booth, if you haven't ever seen it you wouldn't believe what she accomplishes.
I'm not sure why I like her so much, since I feel like a complete slacker when I'm watching her unpack her hundreds of finished projects...
All tidy and organized just like I wish mine were...

Naturally, I had to take something home with me and who could say no to one of this adorable aprons??
Phyllis and I chose the same one, and we each must have tried on a dozen!

I did have to hurry home since I needed to get things finished, tidy and organized to take to Portland Expo!
Well... I failed that, but got there all the same!!
Just a little late, as the gates were locking...
I blame Dave the Driver and the traffic!
These girls don't look stressed!
That is Diane (Molly Mo's) on the left, her daughter Kara in the center and Julie (Kindred Roses) on the right.
Julie and Christa

Do you recognize Sue? (Bella Shabby)
She is a vendor this coming weekend
Saturday, July 18th at the Barn House Flea Market, so am I...
She doesn't look stressed.

Where is your booth Sue?
Where the air conditioning is keeping it so cool you come out wearing a jacket in 85+ degrees??
Oh... maybe that is why your not stressed???
Isabel (Maison Douce) and I.
Julie took this picture before the rain started pouring...
We don't look stressed.
The epitome of not stressed...

Sometimes adults will aggravate their children...
Because they can?? Or because it's fun?
Probably the same reason children aggravate adults...
If there are no children around.

Take some advice...


  1. Yes, it sure has & you were missed. Looks like everyone is enjoying their self. Love the pics. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Hi, Joy!
    Didn't see you at Silverton or Expo ...
    Got some fun stuff - but that seems like AGES ago! I am going to have to make sure to say HI at BH .... even if we wave across the sea of frantic shoppers!! Unless everyone does their own check out, then we are SURE to be in contact as I can never resist your goodies.
    I would love to help have a bloggers party at your FAB shop, but the year is so full, I am not sure there is time between now and January, lol! Hmmm, maybe just private shopping so I can get some projects underway for Christmas. I know it comes every year in December, but this year it is coming WAY TOO FAST!! ... Well, I'm rambling, as usual, so I'd better quit typing ....
    Hugs to you, sweetie! (And don't forget to breathe!)
    Betty :)

  3. I wish i could have made it! It looks like alot of fun- seems like more/better vendors then I remember. (oops, did I say that?)guess it has been several years though. See you at BH, I am coming to shop!

  4. All that and you forgot to bring Sam to the fireworks and fun over here! I think Brock might still be outside waiting for him!

    Coffee in the a.m.? I'll have the baby...so cute! So now I guess I'm resorting to bribing you with babies and coffee. Dang this show season anyway!

    Love ya,

  5. Hi Joy,
    Look at you blogging with everything else you need to be doing , I am impressed! It was fun visiting with you this past weekend - see you Friday at Barn House. Don't be late!! Sue

  6. I had a fun weekend with you as always, thanks for sharing Dumbo with Emma and me. I love the pics of Emma "relaxing" and it is small payback for what she does to me! See ya at BH!

  7. Hi Joy!!
    We are so looking forward to seeing you and all of our Barnhouse friends.. We will we bringing Charlie with us and our little guy will be traveling with Cel..he has a little cold, please pray that he will get over it soon..Best,Glad

  8. Hello Joy,
    I just find your blog, which State are you in? I love everything. I hope you are close. Ciao Rita

  9. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to meet you this weekend! You have to be one of the funniest people there - and that is saying something as there were a *lot* of funny people there~ :)
    I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon!

  10. Wow~ you are one busy bee! I am exhausted just reading about all you gal's have been up to!! I am kicking my self for not making it over the hill to Expo....Maybe next year!

  11. Hey ya girly!
    I just posted a pic .... of YOU! I got so busy talkin' and lookin' and buyin' .... that I only managed TWO PICTURES of the whole barn house flea. Hope you managed to stay cool. I already have plans for the door knobs and will try to remember to take a pic of one of the projects ....
    Betty :)

  12. Hi Joy! Great to see you again at Barnhouse. Hope you guys had a great weekend! It always looks like you do!!!