Friday, July 31, 2009

Here’s to HOT!

So I ’m sure you’ve heard by now it has been over the top hot here in the Northwest.  No doubt you also have heard many of us don’t have air conditioning, we are lucky to have a couple of fans.  So in an effort to fight the heat we drove to the Oregon Coast earlier this week.  We were hot, hot, hot and just needed a break.  Doesn’t it sound reasonable to take an afternoon and treat yourself to some fun and cooler temperatures? 

I ask you. does it look like I’m having fun?

beach setup kimmy 050 We were totally freezing!  Do you honestly think I would remember to take a coat to the beach in 100+ heat??

beach setup kimmy 044  Cover me up please…beach setup kimmy 045 Are you coming?beach setup kimmy 047 Thanks!





beach setup kimmy 029 beach setup kimmy 026


beach setup kimmy 031

beach setup kimmy 030That should be good, lets go…


  1. aaaah the coast!! I've certainly have had enough of this heat!!

  2. It is so hard to remember that it could be cold down at the beach when it is so Hot here. We were down there on the 5th of July with our kids and their families and we froze.

  3. I was in Scio last week for my sisters bridal shower and I know what you mean about HOT!! I drove home in 113 degree heat only to come home to the same HEAT!!
    Hope you are staying cool!

  4. When it is roasting hot, there is only so much you can take off. Know what I mean? At least when it is cold you can add untold number of layers! I prefer the cool, but that might be the menopause talking...

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  6. One year I left my town in 102F & arrived at the beach freezing in 60F.
    Who thinks of bringing a coat, when all you want is an emergency relief from the heat!!!!
    Today we are going to the beach, w/Turbo the pug, & I'm planning a very decktout tent (I haven't been tenting in 25 years)....
    - Sylvi

  7. Ahhh ... love the beach. What else is there to say?

    Joy, I used your pic of my 12 step chandelier on the last post .... hope that was okay ...
    Hugs and have a super week!

    Betty :)