Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorry To Keep You Waiting…

I’m sure you have been on pins and needles, waiting to see what the BIG secret was…  Well wait no more!

terri brush julie haymaker 099

Terri wanted something extra special to give her students with their supplies for the workshop she taught at Dream Girl’s Weekend.  I used vintage wall paper for the base, and layered with sheet music, and other vintage paper. The lace on top was a pouch.


The inside was another pocket for supplies, made to look like an apron.

terri brush julie haymaker 100

They were all a little different.

terri brush julie haymaker 101

It was a fun way to use some of those great pieces of paper, ribbon, lace and other treasures we are all so fond of gathering.

I copied this picture from Terri’s blog

dreamgirlsweekend 025

This shows how she used the packet to hold the supplies.

I keep hearing about the great time everyone had, but I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the actual projects, the Dream Girl’s completed.

(If by chance you post some and let me know I will link back to your pictures.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Spools of Thread and A Secret!

If your assuming I’m not writing on my blog because, I have nothing going on… no not true!  I have had the best time the last few days.  It started with a road trip to Chehalis, with my friend Sheila.  She was taking a class from Julie Haymaker Thompson, that Terri Brush was hosting in her home. 

Well what a coincidence, I was doing a “ secret project” for Terri and why wouldn’t I accept the invitation to stay at her beautiful home and do the “project” there? 

I loaded up the sewing machine and all the vintage paraphernalia, I could fit in a BIG suitcase.  We took off, (only an hour late) and junked our way north…

We were greeted by the welcoming committee,

Ozzieterri brush julie haymaker 003We enjoyed tasty treats,

terri brush julie haymaker 015 

terri brush julie haymaker 016

Dinner was served

terri brush julie haymaker 035

Birthdays were celebrated.

terri brush julie haymaker 048 terri brush julie haymaker 049 terri brush julie haymaker 050 

All the guest got a beautiful present, here is mine

terri brush julie haymaker 043

necklaces 011-1

 necklaces 012

I love it but now I have a dilemma,

Should I wear my pearls?

necklaces 002

Should I wear my diamonds?

necklaces 011-1

Should I wear both?

necklaces 020

That’s what I thought too!

While I was busy working on the “secret project”.

This is the class sample, that Julie was teaching.


Look what the ladies learned in the studio.terri brush julie haymaker 066

terri brush julie haymaker 067 terri brush julie haymaker 068

These are even more amazing in person.

On Sunday Julie taught this class.

terri brush julie haymaker 041 Next time Julie is teaching a class anywhere nearby, I hope to be attending!

I emptied 3 spools of thread  that I took for the project! I had to stop sewing when I broke the only needle I brought with me! 

But I am happy to say I finished the “project” and I had a great time doing it!

I am so excited that I will be going to Terri’s

Spring Art Camp

What a treat to be totally pampered and surrounded by a fun bunch of ladies, learning new techniques and having time to work on them!

The “secret project” will be unveiled at an event Tiffany is hosting for 15 women, this Saturday.  I will post some pictures after that. It is all very exciting, be sure to stop back to see what kept me

“with the pedal to the medal”.

terri brush julie haymaker 103

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So Glad You Came

Just wanted to say thanks for coming out today for the 4 Friends Sale.  It was such fun seeing my friends (actually more than 4), that came out today.  I know there are lots of options on such a beautiful sunny day, but I do really appreciate those of you who were able to take time to come out and show your support. 

Here are the 4 Friends on the eve of the sale.

4 friends  sale 044

Some of the fun things we had for sale.

4 friends  sale 027

4 friends  sale 019

4 friends  sale 004 4 friends  sale 037

4 friends  sale 054

If you have “events” at your home, you know how much it takes to “pull it all together”.  I could not possibly do all that has to be done to get things ready around here by myself. 

As “show time” approached, Dave the Driver, became Dave the Move Everything Guy, my big boys showed up providing muscle and height where needed.   The Queen of Tarte turned into Cinderella/Wonder Woman, chasing down dust bunnies and spreading magic.  The day of the sale, my sister Toni arrived early helping with  last minute details. She stayed until the end, doing anything that needed to be done, especially keeping things a little bit organized in the cash register… (Sometimes I am having so much fun visiting, I forget I am suppose to be selling things…)   So to all of you,

 a great big thank you!

4 friends  sale 070                                              

I’m looking forward to a couple of days of playing “catch up".  With 3 shows in 3 weeks, it is an understatement to say the house is trashed!  I am looking forward to getting out and about looking for treasures and getting them ready for upcoming shows!

I am also so excited that I will be attending Terri Brushes Art Camp in Cannon Beach Oregon.

The dates are April 29,30 and May 1 and 2. This retreat has been sold out for several months.  One of the students is unable to attend for health reasons, 1 space has recently  become available.  If you are interested in attending an amazing art retreat, check it out here and join us for the best time ever! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Was I Thinking??

I had a GREAT idea a couple of weeks ago…  I thought how smart it would be for me to move all the stuff out of the shop that wasn’t actually ready to be sold.  That sounds reasonable… My idea was to take one of the rooms in the house and make it my studio, making more room in the shop to display items for sale.

That sounds reasonable until you consider, all this is not going to fit in one room… And the other issue being, I haven’t had time to actually implement this plan until Monday… 

Good thing I am not having the house open for this sale!

I had a lot of input about which would be the best room to use as a studio.

  One of my friends, summed it up with,

“try one room and if you don’t like it you can always change it later, not like you haven’t ever moved stuff around before…” 

Oh yippee something to look forward too..

So, with only 2 days left until  

4 Friends for Blog with pink banner

I am busy moving stuff around and around and around… 

I’m sure you will be surprised at how big the shop seems without all the
”extra clutter”.

You don’t want to see how the house looks with all the

“extra clutter”.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

No Such Thing As Beginners Luck

I’m pretty sure you would agree, it’s not luck that brings success.  It can only be great planning, and the hard work that it takes to execute that plan to see your dreams come to reality.  When Timi dreamed up this idea

CJWU Sale Poster Final_thumb[7]

she had a great idea, but it was all the little (and big) details that she saw through to completion that made this the absolute incredible success that it was.

I am so happy that I was invited to participate, it was the first of many great events that she will be hosting. 

If you are thinking about going to Farm Chicks and are wanting to make it an even more memorable experience, I would encourage you to check this out, you won’t regret it! Timi will be dreaming up plans that will make all of us wish we had gone on the Junk Bus!


 Come Junk With Us

I took my camera.

timis 078 

Wish I had taken lots of wonderful pictures,

timis 070 

but … I will spare you my pitiful excuses.

Lucky for all of us Timi had the foresight to include Amber of

Tres Bird Photography

in her plans if you want to see wonderful photos that capture the spirit as well as the moment, check out Ambers pictures!


Now that I am back home, from all of that fun and excitement.  It is time to get my crew in gear… I guess that would be me…

Saturday March 13

9am until 4pm

4 Friends for Blog with pink banner

I will be having the shop open and I am doing some MAJOR shuffling in the house (no Dave is not moving out), there will be lots and lots of treasures from the house moving out to the shop, looking for new homes. 

I hope you will come by on Saturday and see if some of my prized possessions would be,

just the thing you were looking for!