Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a Balancing Act

Did I join the circus you ask? Not exactly, more like developed my own. Have you seen the guy with the shovel? There are piles of crap everywhere! Actually, that's not crap it just looks that way spread out all over. This is the time where, some things need cleaned (over there in the pressure washing area), some needs painted, (over in the painting section) some needs repaired (near the barn), some, well all actually, needs priced. Lets not forget the staging area (the driveway), I bet your thinking holy moly I hope these people don't move in next door to me... Probably a good thing we don't live in the city limits where they have laws against this sort of thing.
So how was our holiday? Much like a balancing act, with just a little over a week before we leave for Farm Chicks, things are beginning to heat up, (that is another way to say tense up)more about the divorce later... (just kidding) As you know every circus has a lion or in this case a lioness/ring leader and I picked me... Most likely not the best choice, but it is what it is...

With all that said, I try to think from the little clown's (Sam) perspective once in awhile. That was why we took time for a bike ride. We rode about 200 miles (okay more like 2) to a BMX bike trail park and while I was recovering and lamenting the return trip. This was what the clown on the bike was doing.

I did have a lucky break, I think you will agree. When one of my friends drove by, it was one of the times I was actually on the bike pedaling as opposed to beside it pushing!

I also made it to my sister Toni's last evening to meet up with the big boys, in the spirit of keeping it all in balance. I don't know if you noticed these sharper, clearer more aesthetically pleasing photos, but I did get a new camera. And as you might have guessed, the technical part is over my head. Luckily Dusty took photography for a few terms in school and he remembers what he learned. I also took it but...not so lucky.

I love this rose, it is so perfect! I can't believe I don't have it! These pictures are all from Toni's gardens. I hope I'm right, I think the name is Abraham Darby, it is just starting to bloom.

The red and white rose in the corner is called, Fourth of July!
How fun is that!

And the bike in flowers, that's where I hid it... Enough is enough!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like I have nothing better to do...

Okay, so I changed the banner on the blog again.
I wasn't happy with the last one...
This one should last awhile,
well... not too long I don't want any one to get bored! (like me for instance)
My niece Livy and her husband Bryan had their baby boy this week in Austin, Texas. He was born May 20th, welcome baby Asher.
I think it is pretty obvious he doesn't like this hat!

He looks like he has come to accept it.. but he's not happy about it!
Just exactly the little bundle this mom has been waiting for!
We are so happy for you!
I think maybe this dad is pretty thrilled too!
Can't wait for my turn with such a sweet little Texas Punkin!

You Won't Want to Miss...

I stopped by the barn in Tarte Land this afternoon to see how the King and Queen were coming along on their preparations for this month's extravaganza.
I promise you will be thrilled.
You might even...
Be sure you stop by Cafe Le Tarte for a drink and a treat.

Who's surprised the Tarte's are serving lemonade??
Not that you might expect something a little stronger, but that it is tart...
You might also want to make a stop at Monticello, this is the last weekend of the Garden Show.
I saw these while I was there today.

I am looking forward to doing a little planting this weekend.

Aren't these the most beautiful color?
I always want to pick one color and do a monochromatic garden. It is never going to happen, I may as well come to the realization...

I love them all too much I can't ever decide on just one color! I'm also going to be making sure my helper is slaving away on all the projects I have earmarked for him they need to be in the trailer and on their way to Farm Chicks in only 10 more sleeps...

Maybe I better wake him up now!!! He has lots to do!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First One Takes the Last One's Place

Saturday, (a week ago) dawned bright and shiny, this time of year that is rare enough in our part of the country to put a smile on any one’s face. It has been a long wet winter (as usual) how fun to be going to a show and have the weather cooperating. I left the house before 6am, the plan was to be one of the early one's but I had to make a quick stop at the atm for cash, half and hour later when I discovered my debit card had been left behind in the machine, it didn’t even freak me out (I did at least remember the cash) what the heck I had other cards and a check book too!
I picked up my sister Toni and we were on our way to Battle Ground, on our way to the Barn House Opening. Hard to imagine this I know, but we were talking away the miles and I missed the turn off to the freeway that I had intended to take, but oh well there are lots of freeways and we took a different one.
Naturally when we arrived we weren’t even close to first.

There you see Joe and Sue, and Robin doing what she does so wonderfully (off to the side with the camera) I was laughing when I told Toni I was going to use my laptop and BH internet to be the first to post my pictures to blogland! Well, now over a week later I wasn’t first not even close!
Here are a few more pictures so you too can catch the Barn House spirit!

A little disclaimer here... I'm not sure about who's is which here in these pictures, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'd guess Natalie or Joe...
This looks like Joe's work,

Pretty roses...
I'm thinking Laurie of Worth Goods made this cute apron.
My kind of barn animal, no muss no fuss.
Julie made these books with the dried flowers.
Some rusted metal nests.
Lots of cool birdhouses.
Strong women move furniture without dollies...Super strong woman Debbie also of

Worthy Goods.

Beautiful hydranges. King of the coop??

Who wouldn't want this??

A portable gaden??

Tarte's display, is that the Queen in the background?

No, I quess not here she is fully clothed.

If you missed the show, you might have been one of the few because there were lots of people and they were all having a great time! Or maybe it seemed like more people than many shows because it was so fun and visually intoxicating (are you thinking I was drunk??) that no one wanted to leave and the parking lot/field just kept getting more full!
At any rate, their next event is the Flea Market July 17. I have a feeling you will be hearing lots more about that in the coming weeks!!!
When we finally dragged ourselves from BH we took a side trip to Camas on the way home. There was a garden and antique show in the downtown streets. We saw our friends Julie and Christa they had a booth. I was too busy buying their treasures to take their picture…(Maybe the title for this post should have been…I was just a little distracted…)
Toni found this apron.

I found several treasures to add to my ever increasing trailerful headed to Farm Chicks stash!
If I quit spinning in circles long enough, I will take a few pictures of the pile and share!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Love Baby Boys

Do you remember the trip to Texas last summer, the one where we were going to my niece Krissi's wedding? Well yesterday, was another memorial event, she and her husband Daniel had a sweet baby boy! Very clever of them to deliver on Cinco de Mayo! I mean it's practically an entire nation celebrating baby Jaxson's birth !!

Here is the big sister, hard to imagine what she must be thinking...
On a side note she is the same age I was when Terri, my sister, her grandma (Honey) was born. I 'm pretty sure I wasn't at my mother's side she delivered. However, I do remember when Terri first came home from the hospital and we (Tomie and I) were so thrilled, every time the baby would cry, we would too. Can't you imagine what fun that must have been for my mom.
Looks like he isn't all that thrilled with being outside in the real world...
"Oh yea, that's much better I think I like it when my dad holds me."
I can't tell you how excited I will be to see our new babies! First one born in Michigan and now just a month later, another in Texas! And next month baby #3, another niece, (Livy) is having her baby in Texas!
Can you even imagine what fun we will have if they all come to visit at the same time?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Fun Day

Yesterday, I hosted a work party for my friend Karen's daughter Kimmy, they are busy with preparations for a summer wedding. The bride to be, her bridesmaids (the one's that could make it) and with few other friends, we worked on some of the projects that needed to be completed before the wedding. You know the saying... many hands make light work??

At least I think that is how it goes, but if not, it applies, so let's just go with it...

But of course we had to have lunch first...

Brought a few spring flowers in from the garden,

Thought I would try and be the photographer and get the girl's reflection in the mirror. Unfortunate about the glare, but the sun was coming in the window and it's not as if I could go somewhere else to take the picture...

A little something to drink...

A few decorations to set the mood, and a chocolate cake thrown in for good measure.

A few cupcakes made with the extra batter.

And a kiss !