Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I thought you might like to see a

bigger view of the dining room. Kind of a a whole room shot.

This is the tree that you can see in the corner of in the bottom left side of the picture above.

It is so strange looking at these pictures because they were from 2 years ago... Of course last year was better and these look 'unfinished' since I keep tweaking it every year.. Add some new (mostly old) things and take some away.

Some of the pictures I am not showing have snowmen and santas which I am leaving out because now I am going a different direction, more sparkle and glitter and they don't fit in as well. Not to mention most of them are not in a pastel palette so they don't 'work'... I haven't gotten rid of them they are part of the 20 big tubs that get hauled out for Christmas..

I decorate very early for Christmas since I have an Open House every year along with my Christmas Sale in the shop. It will be Thursday Evening November 30th and Friday and Saturday December 1st and 2nd this year. Consider this your 'save the date' postcard. If you would like to be on my mailing list just leave me your address and I will be sure you get an invitation..

I never thought I would be an artificial tree kinda girl, but the fact that we heat with wood and I start decorating right after Halloween, it works for me. Not to mention there has been lots of progress made on artificial trees over the years. However wouldn't I love to have one of those aluminium trees from the 60's!! When any of my boys yearn for the 'good ole' days and want to cut down a 'real' tree I tell them to go get one, bring it in, set it up in the stand and I will gladly decorate it. I haven't had any takers for that job.. They are happy to let me do the decorating. You don't suppose they figured out that I would redo the tree after they went to bed when they were little.. Let's keep that information from Sam since he does stilll want to help.

I will close with this last shot. I sold this pink desk at Farm Chicks, their last show September 2006. I loved doing their show and I am looking forward to doing it again. They have changed their venue and now it will be at the the Spokane Fairgrounds in early June of 2008. I am planning on being a vendor there with my friend Cindy. http://queenoftarte.blogspot.com/ I hope you will try and go, it will be so fun!!

Looking at these pictures makes me start thinking about getting the "dreaded tubs" out from the barn... Actually I don't dread it, but you should see my boys scatter when I mention it is time to bring them to the house!

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  1. Love these shots of your house at Christmas. And I too love fake trees...no mess, no water and I of course don't like the green color in my house anymore, so I am happy with silver or white. Can't wait for Farm Chicks.