Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween !!

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Typically I am not one to talk about 'private' matters, especially to who knows how many people. But... I have to start from the beginning...
First I'm sure you all know that October is, Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, naturally I have been putting off the dreaded yearly mamogram, intending to call everyday for an appointment... Then I got this email from Cousin Kay..

"I don't remember if I told you about Donna Faria asking me if I had a quilt I could donate to her Relay for Life team to be auctioned off at their dinner - proceeds to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. I didn't have anything on hand but told her I would ask Aunt Jean if she would like to do some applique blocks and I would put them together and have them quilted for the auction. She did - I did - and they had the auction Saturday night. They got $1,075 for the quilt!!! It was the highest bidded item. Donna expected we would give her a throw, but was very excited when it was a king size quilt (Aunt Jean chose to do the three flower, butterfly pattern). I told Donna I had over $225 invested in it, plus all of Aunt Jean's labor, and that I hoped they got at least that much. Needless to say - we were all thrilled. "

Here is a picture of the butterfly quilt my mom made me several years ago. I'm assuming it was this pattern, but it might be a little different. Aunt Jean is my mom's sister, Cousin Judy's mom.. I think it is so wonderful that all these women are involved with helping other women, giving of their time, talents and money..
I haven't mentioned before that my first husband died of cancer almost 14 years ago, so I know first hand how devasating cancer can be to a family. I have been reading www.FourSistersInACottage for the past few months and I am so amazed at this woman's courage and willingness to share her story with all of us.
So of course I did finally call for an appointment and I went for the mamogram yesterday. I'm sure if you have had one you know it's not fun, but it certainly is better than having breast cancer go undetected... Well the technician does one side, then goes to make sure she has the pictures she needs and when she gets ready to do the other side the machine won't move. It won't go up, down anything.... So of course I say, "well I'm glad that didn't happen while I was being 'compressed', (maybe not my actual words) and she assures me there is an emergency 'evacuation'. I had this mental picture of a crowbar... and of them saying hold on this will only take a minute...whatever.. The whole thing was kind of funny especially since there was a new technician observing and the original technician was baffled by what was happening. I went ahead and got dressed before the manager or whatever he is called came in to see what was happening... Only could this happen on a day when your in a hurry, have a million things to do and need to be at the bus stop in time to get your kindergartner off the bus..
I went ahead and rescheduled while I was there..I hope you go ahead and schedule yours today!


  1. I'm so glad you didn't need the jaws of life, or a crowbar!! The quilt is absolutley breathtaking

  2. I'm so glad you went to get squished, but sorry you have to go back. Bummer! Hope it all goes well next time. Love you!


  3. Oh, like I'm going to make an appointment after reading your story!!! Ha! Actually, I already had mine. Pin a halo above my head!!

    The quilt is really, really lovely!!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  4. Hi! I made it over to visit your blog!! Nice visiting you today...I got my "alphabet" name put together, I also laughed, I came home and looked up my blog name!...its so long it wont fit on the on your mag. I went to the store and picked up a copy. I plan on showing the goodies I got at your shop on my blog tomorrow. Come visit...Laurie

  5. Ugh...I get my mammo this week!
    I always do it in Nov as it is my bday month! It is a gift to myself so to speak!
    Sorry you have to go back...

  6. I am glad that you rescheduled your mammo! I had mine a few months back..and owieeeee! The girls got squished..and trust me, it takes a lot of "workin" it to get them on the squisher!

    Love the butterfly quilt!! Such talent your mother has!!