Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thanks to all of you!

It was great seeing all of you that came by Saturday for the 3 Friends Sale. 

3 friends sale 347

When we are in the middle of preparing for an event, (especially as it has been a year since we held a sale here) begin to doubt my sanity.  I  do have to say it really is worth all the blood, sweat and tears that is required to get things in order. 

I feel as though we have reclaimed the shop, it had become more of a storage unit/dump site.

I was forced to “deal with” all the excess.




I love the white walls.  Painting is such a hassle,  but the effect, that 10 gallons of white glossy paint has on a room is amazing!

3 friends sale 348

Kinda makes me want to put on my dancing dress.

There is still the issue of the leaking roof…

3 friends sale 398-1


But you know what they say about progress.



3 friends sale 388


  1. Glad your sale went well. Wish I could have come, but I was buried in tax stuff and online traffic school. Hope we can get together soon!


  2. Loved getting to see you Joy on Saturday and by the way I have been really enjoying my daffodils. Hugs Florence

  3. I'm so sorry I missed it but I am happy that you had a good day and are loving your new space! What will be the next event that you sale at?

  4. 10 Gallons! It sure looked nice though!


  5. Hey Joy Joy!!

    It was soo nice to visit you! You have a perfect little showroom and love the big porch! I'll see you at the Garden show! Hugs, Joyce

  6. Hi Sweetie,
    Thank you so much for the message. I haven't been to Portland in a long time, I went to Monticello's with Tiffany before, I would love to go back. And it's even better if you are there! If you feel like putting on your dancing shoes you so should have been with me and Tammy and Tiffany yesterday, Tiffany showed us some new dance moves ; ) Can't wait to see you.
    Big hugs,

  7. Hi!!!
    Had fun seeing you at Dream Girls ;) I owe you 20.00 for my "grow" necklace! Just need to know where to send it! So glad you had a great the sound of fresh white walls. My email info is on my site, so you can get me your address.

  8. Thank-you so much for the visit. Can't wait for Farm chicks....I had a blast. Serena is just like her name. Hopefully this year I can walk around and come and visit you-all! You do amazing displays by the way. Happy Spring!

  9. Hi Auntie! We love and miss you...hope to see you soon!

    The Boys

  10. Beautiful your blog!