Monday, December 10, 2007

One More Time

If you think I haven't been trying to post, you are so very mistaken. I would like to list all the obstacles I have run into but if I did I wouldn't have time to try one more time. It seems a little redundant to write about what I have for the past week, so I guess I will move on, since I'm bored with it and you most likely would be too.

Thursday I hosted a tea for my friend Jori's Bible Study Group. It was fun to met 10 ladies from my community that I hadn't known before. The first person through the door however was a sweet customer that I have known for quite some time but hadn't seen her for awhile, that was a pleasant surprise. It was a varied age group, when was it that I became on the older side of the average?? That is a little shocking sometimes, you are just living your life the way you always have, watching your babies grow up, having birthdays year after year, doing the dishes, taking care of business and then boom when did I all of a sudden become the old wise one... Actually the truth is, just old not wise...

These pictures are from the Open House but I added another table and used the same place settings for the tea.

I am having another dinner party this Friday there will be 15 of us, so I will have to find some plates that will work with the clock faces and more silver trays....hmmm I guess I will have to check out some 2nd hand stores .... What I need to be buying is Christmas gifts, haven't thought too much about that yet. It gets a little old buying boy things year after year..did I mention I have 4 boys and a husband to buy for??? Wonder if any of them would be interested in getting table place settings this year???

These are the pictures taken of the guest room. I was inspired to redo it for the Open House.

I love the little glass lamps on the dresser, I got these at my friend Diane's Christmas sale a few weeks ago. I had been in love with them for along time. I am always so happy when I finally get something that I have admired for what seems like forever...I didn't notice I am in the mirror, I was going to say, "I won't be wearing this dress for Christmas," but I bet you could figure that out... Maybe the cowboyhat would work with the moo-moo..

The little pink chick above was made by Martha. I got it last spring but she fits right in for Christmas!!

The big boys made these in an art class a few years ago.. well actually...

18 years ago

I'm pretty sure the date on the back, etched in the plaster has to be wrong...


  1. I just love your home, it looks just breathtaking, your decorations are super!! Love those sweet hands that your boys made too :)

  2. What a beautiful table and I love the clockfaces! Hope to see you Sunday, Martha

  3. Hi Joy, I havent been browsing lately. Your table setting is wounderful! I know what you mean about shopping for boys. I got the boys leather journals, they all write music and poetry. Another thing I got was dog tags. Its hard to come up with new ideas for young men other than the same old jeans and t-shirts. Any way, I love the boys hands on the wall. Talk to ya soon. Come by and visit me soon. Love julia

  4. Very beautiful, my precious friend. As usual, what you create is always fresh and extraordinary. I know, I've always had to buy boy stuff, brothers, husband, sons and now grandsons... not a female hormone to be found anywhere.

    Love you,


  5. Joyful,
    Love the clockfaces...Did you photocopy?