Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting Started on Decorating

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Here is a kiss for my friends and family for all the birthday wishes and prizes. I had a really nice birthday. I have been working on getting the house decorated for Christmas since Sunday. I spent an hour or longer organizing and separating the many, many ornaments that I have acquired. I have many as you can see. I have decided to keep only pastel and gold and silver. Okay, I still have some from when the boys were babies but that was red, white, and blue Christmas years and they don't match so I look at them "remember when" and but the lid pack on the box...I guess maybe it's bigger than a box of ornaments but its always a time to remember ...

Today Lisa came over and we did a fun Advent Calender. I would show you a picture but mine isn't finished and don't look for a picture on her blog tonight because she left her camera here...
This is a picture of one that I made last year. I had to make one after I borrowed my friend Diane's for last year's Open House, it was perfect for that special wall in the kitchen... She made it with help from our very talented friend Martha which if you go to her blog you will get information about their upcoming sale. Lisa brought me the sweetest treasure for my birthday. I had two and she found a third that is in the set.
They are in front of a mirror, so it is hard to tell that there are only 3 figures and 2 trees..The magic of mirrors!

It is the one in the middle that doesn't have the tree yet. I really don't know how she could remember which ones I had and which ones I didn't. I'm certain I wouldn't have known. I buy them whenever I find them, of course at a "good" price...

Here are some of the other ones I have. I am only collecting the aqua, pink and white ones.

I love the little pink girl with the umbrella, she came to me from Cousin Kay. I think the bird is pretty sweet too.

Here is a snowlady that I made several years ago, I love the old quilt that I used for her dress. It is always fun to be able to use something that would otherwise be thrown away.

And this snowlady that is set for a night of fun at the Bingo Hall. I bought from a shop I have gone to for many years, in Springfield, Ruthie B's.

But my very, very, most special decoration is this sweet little angel that my oldest angel made me when he was in kindergarten. Is this the sweetest??

Thankfully pastel so it can come out of the box...


  1. Hey, what happened to the comment I left yesterday? It disappeared. Did you see it? Anyway, thanks so much for the fun day. I sure love to laugh and that we did. Thanks also for sharing your supplies with me and for the delicious lunch. I think I forgot to thank you for that, how rude of me. I didn't know I left my camera there until I read about it on your blog. Oops! Guess I will get it from you on Friday at Dianes. Until then, love you!


  2. Hi Antie Joy

    I love your ornaments. I too, have been getting the home ready for decorating for Christmas. I have always gone with the traditional. With three grown boys I have colleted thousands of school made stuff and very colorful ornaments. Last year I couldn’t even get any help setting the tree up. Soooo this year I’m going PINK!! If I have to do this by myself I’m going to do it my way.
    The sweet little angle your son made, are the kind of things we just can’t put away in a box. I love it!

  3. Happy Birthday Joy! (from one Joy to another!) Somehow found you through blogging this evening and just had to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your header pic!

  4. Hi Joy and Happy belated Birthday! I just found your friend Lisa's blog and she mentioned your Birthday was a couple of days ago......hope your day was happy and you are having a great week!!!! Best Wishes, Becky.

  5. Hi Joy! Happy belated birthday to you!!!!! I love all of your vases with the children -- too sweet and so right up my alley! Isn't Lisa just wonderful? She surprises me with scotty things!!!!! So sweet! Anywho, looks like you have a lot of decorating up your sleeve! Have fun!!!

  6. This is my first visit and I love it here! That last little angel is my fav!