Monday, March 10, 2008

Lots More Than 3 Friends

We had a great time Saturday at the 3 Friends 3 Sales event. Friday it rained so we were unsure if the weather was going to cooperate, but the day turned out to be sunny and clear. It isn't as big a problem for me, because I have a large covered porch, but for the other 2 friends... rain is not their friend!! Not to mention all the friends who came, were able to enjoy the sunshine. It was so fun to see all of you and it made the work getting ready worth it.

My friend Sheila had agreed to help at the sale, so she and I had to preview Cindy and Diane's places Friday night. No matter how many hours I work on a project, there is always more that I wish I could have done. So I figured a little break wasn't going to make that much difference.
Here is Sheila with Cindy starting to get just a little wet, as the rain begins.

This is the inside of Cindy's shop all ready to go!

Cindy followed us to Diane's so she could check it out with us.
We weren't disappointed!! It was lovely and Diane was ready! She had the candles lit for us and we sampled her treats!! (she even had her maps to our sales on the counter)

It was fun to see all their hard work. I was exhausted, so when I got home it was to bed for me. I'm always up with the chickens..Photobucket
I was up at 2:3o, I had set the alarm for 3am so I could make fresh mini cupcakes and maps of the other sales. When I have lots I want to get done, who has time to lay in bed???

It is always the last minute things that take longer than they should and for some reason, ( I think its called ADD) I can't keep from thinking of just one more thing that would be GREAT! Before I knew it the 7 hours I had allowed myself to get ready were gone and the shoppers were arriving... So sorry, no pictures of my shop. I know Sheila took some so we will have to watch for a post...
It was fun doing our sale together, because we each have our own customers. Many are the same, but some are different and I heard people say, it feels a little like a scavenger hunt with a map in hand as they go to our separate shops, looking for treasures.
For quite a few years I was open 4 or 5 days a week, but now I only open for special events. This is by far more fun, and exciting. I look forward to seeing everyone, but I still have time to go looking for treasures to sell. (or keep) As time goes on, I find myself saying more and more.."I was never going to sell this..", as I'm wrapping it up and putting it in a bag... I only buy things I like, but some of the things I love, love, love!! But then something else comes along that I couldn't possibly part with and the original favorite must go...It is kind of sad, but a fact of life..I can't keep everything!! However, I don't quite get that saying..."less is more..."

I hesitate to share that we packed the truck yesterday and this morning I am headed to Albany. I don't want you to think I am totally insane.. but Laurena Myers has a wonderful show called Blackberry Junction, it starts Friday. So I will put put fresh batteries in the camera, fuel in the truck and off I go.

Speaking of fuel have you seen this one??



  1. Well....I'm glad I got to see pictures of the OTHER shops! Next time take pictures!!!

    Ok...I'm just going to say it...3 sales in 3 are NUTS!

    Never could keep up with you!

  2. Sounds like it was sooooo much fun. I really hope to be at Blackberry Junction Friday. See you there. Pam

  3. Joy, I love the pictures!!
    Its so true about the gas prices, I have a SUV , I think I will sign my paychecks over to the oil companies from now on!

    Thanks for sharing so much fun this weekend,

  4. Great pics of mine and Cindy's sales - thanks for posting! Of course neither of us took our cameras today for the Blackberry Junction booth! It was looking great, when I left today, not much to do on Wed for you!
    I'm excited for the show, it's gonna be great....tons if great stuff.

  5. Thanks for the fun times, Joy!
    Love You,

  6. Hi Crazy Lady!

    Isabel and I had so much fun going to your sale. I can't believe you didn't take any pictures! It was fun getting to help behind the scenes a bit too. We need to plan a fun, project day soon!

  7. Your pictures are great!! Did I miss the Albany thing?? I am not on any list, do they have one?? Hey, you have background papers I dont have! I love them! Laurie