Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Times the Fun

Monticello Fall Sale

opened Friday and is open until September 27.

monticello albany coburg 007

My hops look a little puny, probably from a season of neglect.

More images of the Fall Sale.

monticello albany coburg 008 



monticello albany coburg 021

monticello albany coburg 023


monticello albany coburg 038

Lots of amazing booths be sure to make it before it is over.

Saturday morning would find us in the streets of Albany.  We were signed up for our same spot in the bank parking lot.

We got there first Dumbo, trailer and all.  This is where it gets kinda fussy since I was having “a little nap” but evidently someone had left their car in our spot and the bank being next to a bar maybe they just forgot???

So to make a long story short we literally ended up on the street.

  It was a great move, we loved our new spot!

We are officially street people…

I know, you were afraid of that.

We left Albany as soon as we were packed, and drove south to Coburg, a mere 37 miles.

So much better than the old years, now we get to set up the night before the show. 

With the doors open on the trailer, we simply pull up to our space, step hard on the brakes and all the inventory flies out where we want it. 

It’s a great trick!

monticello albany coburg 075


  1. He, he, he! Nobody does a story like you, Joy!

  2. Got to remember that little trick when we do Round Top in the spring. Everything looks wonderful!

  3. Just like magic! You're amazing!!!

  4. Joy, it's been forever! I was hoping to visit with you at Molly Mo's Antique Faire, but somehow missed you. Hope things are going well. Will email you that info I called you about.