Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Many Fun Things To Do!

I have enjoyed the past several weeks with a laid back schedule, getting things done, working at home.   I have been working on getting an Etsy Site  put together, its coming but not as quickly as I would hope.  Lots and lots of projects to complete, things to do, but I am so looking forward to getting out and about.

I’m dong a lot in Washington in the next few weeks.  I am going next weekend to Chehalis to attend a couple of workshops that Terri Brush is giving.  I am so excited about what she is going to be teaching.  Last summer she gave Cindy and I these bracelets when we took our road trip to San Diego.

I love this bracelet and I am SO EXCITED to make one!


or maybe it will look more like this.


The other day she is teaching a necklace, this is one of the class samples.


Check out Terri’s class schedule, maybe you could join us!


On February 18th & 19th, I am heading north to Monroe, Washington for Ruffles and Rust.


This is gong to be a really amazing show you will definitely want to be there.


Ruffles and Rusto

Ruffles and Rusto


March 5th and 6th I will be going back to Washington to join Tiffany and her group of Dream Girls. 

This is going to be so much fun and there are still a few spaces left if you would like to join us.

One of the days we are making these wonderful bracelets,


And the other day is this fun bird cage.


I am still in the business of selling old stuff, even if it looks like I am spending most of my time learning new fun art projects and hanging out with my friends.

I have been buying some great old things, perhaps I will be providing the  majority of rust for Ruffles and Rust… (and who doesn’t love  great rust??)

Seems to be what I am finding the most of these days…Maybe something to do with the rain???


The most exciting thing I have to share is about Terri Brushes’ Spring Art Camp, in Lincoln City Oregon.  This is a wonderful 3 days of art and relaxation on the Oregon beach.  I have blogged about this many times and I am so excited to be going again. 

For the next couple of days (until February 5th) she is giving a $100 discount on tuition.  Check out the details, it is a great time for learning new skills and making new friends! 

I hope you can come.

Camp Schedule

Spring 2011  Art Camp

Thursday,  April 28th        check in after 4pm

April 29, 30, May 1st  Classes

   Monday,  May 2nd              check out by 10 am


  1. I am so excited that you will be at Tiffany's. I am looking forward to getting to hang out with you and catching up on Joyville. OX

  2. Oh Joyful Joy - it will be so good to see you at Tiffany and Terri's Dream Girls weekend! I'm sure you will provide us with lots of laughter! :)
    xo Rochelle

  3. Hi, Joy:

    It was so wonderful to meet you at Junk Salvation. I love your all your fab creations!! See ya at Ruffles and Rust in a few weeks!

    Peace, love, and happy junkin' to ya!

  4. You DO have way too much fun, girl! When I grow up I want to be just like YOU! ;-)
    I'm still hoping to do an art retreat someday...I love to look at the pictures...check the dates, mileage, etc...I hope you have a GRAND time at each event. I'll hopefully see you at Ruffles and Rust!

  5. Hi Joy...I'm Susie. Just happened on your blog, and I got a smile when I saw your header it. I see you are a fellow collector of 'multiples' and love to display them in old jars. I love to as well, but I think you get the prize! I have a cupboard which reminds me of yours. If you have a minute, check it out here:

    Looking forward to future posts,

  6. Yay! I'll be at Dream Girls too, but alas...only for the Sunday bracelet class. I am so glad I get to be there at all! We won't see you at Ruffles and Rust, Linda (Luluz) and I are doing the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! You need to come and join our Junk Tribe for 2nd Saturdayz Urban Market! You'd love it!
    See you soon;)

  7. I can't wait to see you again soon Sweetie!!!

  8. That was fun! I was just cyber strolling along from blog to blog and came to yours, right away it made me smile. I continued to smile all the way to the bottom of the page. Thank you, sincerely....smiles are precious and make your face sparkle.