Monday, January 28, 2008

What's this??

Remind me not to bribe with things I don't want to give...
like all afternoon at Chuckie Cheese...
Sam did learn his first 100 sight words, so a deal is a deal..

He'll never have to know I kept changing them...
so maybe it was closer to 200..

Perhaps we should look at early readers like I do early talkers...Once they start, there is no stopping them!!

Now if he could read.. I wouldn't be able to write and know that all my little secrets are safe..

Can you believe these are the same roses I bought for the Quilt Show? That was Thursday January 10th, today is the 28th. It is the only positive I can think of when it comes to cold drafty old houses.... Your fresh flowers last forever !!

The boot that I originally took the picture in is out in the shop, so naturally Sam's were handy, just one of the MANY positives to having a sweet little 6 year old around..

And's just me, thinking about Farm Chicks and how much fun were going to have...


  1. I can't wait to go to the Farm Chicks Sale. You keep making it look and sound sooo fun.

  2. I really would like to go too this year, maybe I can talk Pam into me tagging along ?! Your blog is looking so cool, Im so jealous !

  3. You did it again!! I need that program soooo bad! Where is thFarm Chicks sale??I must have missed that somewhere...Looks like lots of goodies! Laurie