Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not the Job fo Me

I got a new old mannequin last week, actually 4 but 3 are still at their former owner's house. I was going to meet up with her today for delivery, but...evidently she is busy getting ready for a ping pong tournament... (oh my gosh she is gonna kill me) Anyway back to the job I don't want.

I have decided to call my new friend Queenie.

I had her laying on the table while I was giving her a new "look," she is made of foam rubber and I was rolling on the paint. It was starting to creep me out because she was looking and feeling very human, if you will notice the texture of her skin ... it looks a lot like mine... I thought, this must be how it feels to be a mortician. That is not the job I signed up for, so I quick stood her up and you can imagine my surprise when I saw her tatoo!!
I finished her paint job and left her to dry!! I'm putting a skirt on her and she will be wearing jewelry on her top for the quilt show. I do what I can to make my friends presentable in public!

Hope you can come meet Queenie and the rest of my friends at the Quilt Show this Friday and Saturday at the Oregon Garden.


  1. You are so funny! I love Queenie! I'm very glad she looks less alive now. Nice tatoo work!


  2. I *want* to see her in her finished glory!
    Sure wish I could come to the blogparty-but those mountains are just in the way this time of year!

  3. I can't wait to meet Queenie and see her tramp stamp!
    I'm planning on being there. I hope you have a great sale this weekend!

  4. how funnie!!! good friend Marcie
    calls me "Queenie".......btw, did you see Jody Houghton at the Quilt Show? I think she did that show...she has a new line of fabrics out and asked me to make some faeries for her with her new line...