Monday, January 5, 2009

That's Not Me Complaining...

Well, actually maybe just a little tiny bit. Now I remember why I got the new laptop, the old computer makes me crazy!! In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't exactly been sitting at this desk whipping out posts daily, as I had hoped would be the case. If I did, I would be sitting here all day! We are talking old and slow, not me, the computer! Well...maybe both of us?
The laptop is having a short well needed vacation in Texas, and I'm counting the days until HP returns. They said 7-10 working days... Is there any reason they can't work every day? It feels like months! But enough, I said I wasn't complaining...

I escaped this weekend and spent some fun time with Cindy, helping her get ready for the Bridal Show. If you are wondering why the pictures are a little fuzzy, could be that we were still making cakes
gluing asparagus and arranging roses
baking sweet little pink meringue kisses
and all those other little time takers that make the booth a
"show stopper"
until 4 am!

And for the record, its not the staying up late that is the hard part!
But... I'm not complaining!


  1. Miss Joy...thank you again for your help at the show. You know how much I appreciate it and I love your cake the best of all!! I look really tired in that photo...more sleep is in the calender. xoxox Cindy

  2. B E A U T I F U L You ladies did a wonderful job! How pretty everything looks. I bet she got all her weekends booked after that bridal show.
    Your a good friend Auntie Joy!

  3. Wonderful, gorgeous work! Beautiful cakes! Gorgeous Decor! You rock. (Um, I think I MAY have been able to glue asparagus, but that's it).


  4. Hi Joy , It all looks wonderful - you did a fabulous job. Are you a vendor at Clark Co ? Sue

  5. I think there is a RULE about not showing CAKE unless you "have enough to share with everyone in the class." Isn't that how that goes?! Now I want frosting, and I suppose I'll have to what, whip up my own?! Your creations (anything you make to devour) are always wonderful... Birdie is still raving about the pasta salad from three years ago! Really beautiful, Joy! You and Cindy are a great team...

  6. That looks like a fun change-of-pace project! And with a friend,too-extra fun! It's all about the details!