Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diversity, Alive and Well

Several months ago, a woman I know asked if I would consider speaking, and possibly bring some of my “merchandise” at the fund raising event that Silverton Hospital Auxiliary would be hosting in February.  Stalling, which is my first response to a request like this, I said I would need to wait and see what my schedule was going to look like closer to the date.  So to make a long story short,  I said “yes”, and today was the day.

The event was a Tea Party, with 25 or 30 tables. Every hostess decorated her table with items she brought from home.  It was really lovely, but incredibly diverse.  I can say with a certain amount of confidence, not everyone  decorates with the same amount of intensity as I do.  

I’m sure you know that I load up my treasures on a regular basis and display them in what I consider a pleasing way, so people will be tempted to have them as their own.  In my world, I feel confident that while everyone might not want what I am selling, for the most part people “get” where I am coming from.  There is an overall appreciation for the old, tattered, rusty, chipped and otherwise well loved. 

I sometimes forget this phenomenon, as I am completely immersed in the business.  The places I shop, the events I attend, the blogs I read, the magazines I buy and even for the most part my friends houses, all reflect this same appreciation for items with character and history. I was reminded today we are not the majority, some people are different…

I decided to bring my own table.

And decorate it with old things, sharing the process as my “talk.”

valentines table 080

Who wouldn’t love this wonderful drop leaf table, with it’s old paint….

I showed how it doesn’t matter if the bottom layer is stained and imperfect.

valentines table 077

I was going to cover, it with this multiuse crocheted cover.

valentines table 076

I like to start with the plates, mostly because I want to make sure there is room for them when I am finished. I used a silver platter for a charger, then an old clock face, a clear plate, then a pink depression glass plate.

valentines table 074

I had a little silver bowl to act as a charger for a pink bowl, then I added some other items you can see.

My theme was a Valentine’s Dinner for my Valentine… 

The house I made, (at Terri Brush’s Art Camp) was the “center” of the center piece.  Elevated on the old cocoa can.

The trophy shape of the sugar bowl, might make one think he was “the winner” of my affections.

The  flower frog in front of his place setting to hold his Valentine card.

valentines table 071-1

The matchbox holder, used for sugar, after all, he is my sweetie…

The little flower frog to hold a cherished photo…

 valentines table 069

I wanted to do this with what I had, so instead of getting fresh flowers, which would have been my first choice. 

valentines table 054

I used a vintage flower, and filled in with paper shreds and a silver heart that I had saved from a Valentine Luncheon last year at Martha’s.

valentines table 049

Naturally I used the lovebirds, salt and pepper shakers, I’ve had for at least 10 years.

The rusted flower curtain tiebacks are something I usually find a place for in whatever I am decorating because I really, really love them.

valentines table 060

And last, but not least I used the sweet clock that my friend Karen gave me for my birthday one year. 

That would most likely show my Valentine that I will be his,

for all time.

valentines table 054

I’m pretty sure I didn’t convert anyone today, we are all going to be who we are, like what we like and hopefully your not too grossed out but all this sappy, mushy, lovey talk. 

Go ahead do something special for someone you love this Valentine’s Day!


  1. Well I love "mush and sap"! Absolutely gorgeous, Joy! It sounds like fun!


  2. That is beautiful. How fun ~ I hope that the women felt special just hearing your fun, creative ideas!

  3. Hey, sweet thang!!
    Lovin' your bits and bobs and goodies ... you always have the best! I know some folks don't "get" the rusty crusty and FUN ... but sounds like some seeds of appreciation were planted today ... GOOD JOB!
    Hugs and sure looking forward to seeing you Friday ...
    Betty :)

  4. You rock my friend. Happy Valentines Day!!! Love ya, Pam

  5. converted me!! I just loved this display! Keep on doin' what you're doin' - you are great at it!
    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  6. Your table looks wonderful Joy.
    I "get it!" (o:

  7. Happy Valentines Day dear Joy! Loved all your photos. Hugs Florence

  8. I would love to come to one of the queen of tarte sales! Someday. It looks so inspiring. Happy Hunting.

  9. Well, I certainly *get* it...I think it is a very *thoughtful* it!

  10. Oh...I would have taken that place setting anyday! Gorgeous!! I'm heading into Portland on Friday to meet up with a shop about teaching. Any plans on Friday and we can meet up when I'm done? Let me know and we can go from there!


  11. Love that much character! It's good that not everyone loves our "junque", leaves more for us. I'll bet there are, now, several ladies in Silverton who have been inspired to set their table with some imagination and creativity.

  12. Auntie, I love your Valentine table. I realize that mine was pretty lame in comparison. I felt accomplished that my baby sat happily through the whole meal and we got to eat my homemade lasagna with some candles and heart napkins.
    As I read your post I really wanted to see pictures of the other tables. I imagined one with a simple bouquet in the center and red napkins. That would have been from the lady with the baby who just really wants a day with grownups. Even if her table was lame, I'm sure her Valentine spirit was just as big. :)