Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspired to Action!

If you came to the Land of Tarte this Saturday, you know what I am talking about.  Every thing was shining and beautiful, put together with a flare that no one I know except the Queen herself can accomplish.

  cindys and crowns 006

  There were lots of familiar faces.

cindys and crowns 011

Beautiful treasures…

cindys and crowns 016

Amazing displays.

cindys and crowns 063

It was fun to be free of my own commitments so I could hang out and lend a hand.  Nothing worse when your friends are having a get together and you have something else keeping you from the party.


I have been going to make some crowns for a while, and nothing gets you motivated like seeing a beautiful show come together.  The great ideas that aren’t made before the week of a show, are going to have to be left for another time, there are just too many other details to be done. I’m determined to use my time between shows  getting some  projects ready.

I started with this one, the base is chicken wire,

cindys and crowns 086

I covered it with lace and then wallpaper, next I filled in with vintage millenary flowers and jewelry.

cindys and crowns 092

This crown would definitely be for a spring gala of some sort, or maybe while gardening to give the flowers some motivation???

This one was made much the same way, except I used white burlap over the chicken wire.


cindys and crowns 080

This picture makes it look more like a royal cake than a crown, but  you get the idea.

cindys and crowns 084

This crown would go with anything, something you could wear for any occasion…

I also decided to make some wire bird nests.  So I did and then I thought why cant I just make this wire into a crown??


cindys and crowns 097

cindys and crowns 100

Well that was fun, so then I made this one.


cindys and crowns 096

Can you see the flowers?

cindys and crowns 094


The good news, I have lots of wire, I can make lots of nests and crowns.

cindys and crowns 102

The bad news… the rust gets all over my hands when I am working with it…


  1. I love those--I've got to find me some wire! Are these wire ones for wearing? What about the rust then? did you spray them with sealer or something? Wonderful!

  2. Love the crowns . . . especially the wire ones!! Absolutely Wonderful!! . . . liz

    I hear you are going to be a guest at the land of Tarte at the end of February . . . should be a wonderful show!! :)

  3. Thank you once again for all of your help!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your debut at the barn!!

    xo Cindy

  4. Looks like you are having fun. Hugs to you. Florence

  5. Your crowns are 2die4, but I gotta say I am crazy for the wire ones. Just be sure when you're working with the rust not to confuse it with Cheeto dust! (Had a friend do that, forget and lick her fingers in the process!)

  6. The crowns are wonderful!!! Can't wait for your class at Deepwood. Hugs, M.

  7. Love the crowns, could see a beautiful bridal veil made with one of these! Hope you are planning on coming to see us at our May Funky Junk Sisters Show. This is your official invite to the big shindig after the show Friday eve. We'll have live music and a band, make sure you wear your favorite vintage attire. Bring all of your friends!
    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  8. do you sell those crowns? I love the first flower one, and it would look BEAUTIFUL with my wedding dress!