Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something Pretty

Rarely do I find pastel oil paintings, even more rare would be pink roses paintings. Which is just as well, because I wouldn't be able to part with them. I did find this painting earlier in the week, when I went shopping with my oldest son. Dusty could take my wallet and shop for me because he knows exactly what I want and pretty much what I would be willing to pay for it. The problem is.. when we go together he likes cool old stuff too and naturally I have to give it to him... Thankfully he isn't big on floral oil paintings, particularly pink roses..
What we both really like is containers, drawers, bins, anything to put things in and keep them organized. This is very ironic as we are neither organized, maybe we are both optimistic?? Have I mentioned lately how wonderful it is to have him back near us after having him being gone for 5 years!!

A busy day working can be described as stopping for coffee, shopping at thrift stores having lunch and more thrift shopping.. my oh my did I have a busy day at work yesterday! If your job is selling old stuff then it makes sense, the bonus is you can do it with a friend and have a great time! In this circumstance one of us had a great time and the other was busy looking for her hand sanitizer... How much fun could that be? I need to tone it down when I get home from"work" if I want Dave to continue believing that my job is just as much work as his...
This was a lovely piece that I found at Stars, a mall in Portland. The dealer was there and she said she had just brought it in.

Here are a couple of pillowcases that I found.

I love this wall paper. It will go in a suitcase or toolbox, I am constantly struggling with myself to buy things for a wider audience, but my basic philosophy is I buy what I like, therefore I have insurance. If it doesn't sale I have something I like.. Makes perfect sense to me, much like the busy day at work theory, I give to Dave...
I find that over time my taste and desires have changed. I'm pretty sure most people's do to some degree at least. If that were not true, we couldn't stay in business and if people didn't get tired of what they had, what would there be to buy at the thrift stores??? It is a wonderful cycle that makes my world go around...


  1. Oh, so you call it working. I call it therapy. I also understand how much fun it would be to spend some time with Dusty. He is kinda cute and like your other "stories" about making the beautiful quilt and having a baby girl named Kenzi, you could pretend that Dusty is your yard maintenance man and that you are a desperate housewife:) Oh, that would be wrong. He is your son. OK, I will pretend he is my maintenance man, haha.

  2. Pretty things you found...I also love "working" by searching out vintage items. And yes, so much more fun with a friend!

  3. Okay, such cute things you found while you were "working" (wink, wink). I wish I was out working today, but instead I was home working on getting stuff tagged and priced. I do look forward to "working" with you tomorrow. Woo Hoo! Good times!

    Love ya,


  4. Yes, my tastes change like the wind! The problem is that I like so much and so many diff styles. You got some cute things here! You and Lisa are such fun and I tell her all the time I wish I could shop with you two!


  5. Work it is...
    I adore the wallpaper, I have such a passion for vintage wallpaper!