Friday, April 4, 2008

Quilts, pieces and other bits

Now that the dreaded paperwork is off to the accountant I can have my life back. One of the things I wish I could have but apparently won't ever is.... whatever it takes to keep the paper work up to date! Maybe that is called organized...well then no wonder... At any rate YIPPEE I'm done for another year!!! My new mantra is a place for everything and everything in its place. I keep repeating it, we'll see how it works..

But on to the brighter side of life.
Here are some quilt blocks I got with my last box of treasures.
These little postage stamp size pieces are hand stitched.
These are hand appliqued..
This is actually a block that Lisa gave me this summer, there were 2 of them and I thought they would be great under a clear plate with a silver tray for a charger.

It is probably rude to ask her to whip up a few more, so I could have a place setting for 12...
As you can see, my new quilt blocks won't work..

Too bad..
It would be a shame to cut apart this beautiful quilt, to have enough..Which one would I cut out?? This one...

No this one...
How about this one???

Well I'm not crazy... we could just sit on the bed and put our plates on the block we like best!!
Still probably not going to be a place for 12....

I just got this Wedding Ring quilt, I'm not sure if it is called Double Wedding Ring or if that is different?? Either way I love these quilts and this one in particular since it has so much pink and green...
Here is one that I can't believe how beautiful it is, some might say it is red and white check, I choose to call it pink.. since it is faded and what is pink, if not faded red?

I don't think we will use this one as a table cloth!!
If you aren't a quilt lover perhaps this is more to your liking..

This is one of those comforters that you find on the floor every morning because it is soooo very slippery.
I love this tag, maybe it's the name?? This is closer to the actual color.. I have 2 naturally they are in perfect condition...

And lastly I knew you would want to see what I am getting as opposed to a kitchen remodel..

notice the 8 drawers, that more than doubles what I have in my current kitchen.. I wanted to keep it gray, because I love the old paint but it looks hideous in my house so I will paint it white to match the other cabinets. Behind those doors are lots and lots of shelves, just begging to be filled.. My new mantra is a place for everything and everything in its place, a place for everything and everything in its place, a place for everything and everything in its place.


  1. A place for everything and everything in its place, a place for everything and everything in its place... Oh, hi Joy!! A place for everything and everything in its place....

  2. I am in love with the pink and white bear paw quilt you found. My very favorite one you got. I think you are right to paint the cabinet. It is cool gray, but will look much better white. Thanks for finally posting. Now, for buttons and those chenille spreads you were mentioning.


  3. Good Luck!!! Let me know how it works! xoxo Martha

  4. You make me laugh. You are too funny. I love the quilts especially the red and white bear paw quilt.
    I think I need a Joy day soon. I need your help on some things. Talk to you soon. Love ya, Pam

  5. You scored on both the cabinet and the bear claw quilt! And yes, the other one is a double wedding ring...

    I want to know what virgin polyester is...never heard that before...

  6. I LOVE your new cabinet, yes white would be better. I can't picture where you'll put it though! Love the beautiful quilt and I choose to call it pink too!


  7. Joy,
    Are you sure you don't want to sell that cabinet to us??? It is beautiful and would look fantastic in our home!! :o) What a great find!

    Joe and Jermonne

  8. I love your new quilt pieces and your ideas for them. Who would of thought to put a glass plate with them? Oh yes- JOY!!!
    Maybe you need to help me get Pam to Ruthie's soon!!?? That would make for a real fun "girls day out"! Im having withdrawls from that place!!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  9. Oh Maaan! Where did you get that cabinet??? I'm am quoting your mantra, over and over, it isnt working for me! lol! I'm in love with the faded red one! Just the thought...12 eating around the bed. LOL!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend...and I LOVE your new header!!!Laurie

  10. Joyful,
    I have a blog giveaway going on...think you'll like it 'cause it's PINK