Saturday, April 12, 2008

What kind of USED are we talking?

Have you ever noticed there are several different kinds of used? We have barely, gently, very, over, slightly and hardly ever used just to name a few. Not long ago my driver/husband decides we should buy a used motor home. Of course I say.."are you kidding!!!" And I ever so sweetly and calmly list why that is a really lame idea. Well, naturally we bought a "used" motor home, the plan is to pull the trailer that we take to antique shows with the motor home and save money on fuel since it uses gas instead of diesel and will get the same mpg.... Not to mention the comfort and expense we will save on hotels... hmm I say. Naturally he will do the cooking, and packing not to mention the driving...oh sure...
We spent some time looking at used RV's and the one we got is a portable palace compared to some. Overused is not strong enough to describe some we toured. With the exception of the hideous curtains and blue carpet I am so excited with our gently used little RV. I have big plans for decorating. One of the big brothers told me that I would want to go easy on the decorating because I want to be certain to keep the resale value... blah blah blah I think what he was saying is ...please don't put pink ruffles in the RV. Like I would be tempted to do that... Of course that would keep the macho ones from wanting to borrow it ... I am letting him sweat it out, but I think it would be fun to do a vintage cowboy theme..

These are the seriously outdated country blue and mauve curtains, they are everywhere so that will make a big difference when they are replaced. They look more gray in the picture but they are definitely country blue ...I also see a ruffle and a pink flower..
If I were going to "do" pink (which would be fun!) I would use these!
I love the price, just $1.49 how could I resist?? Just kidding you know I paid slightly more than that..but after all if you are buying an RV why worry about the cost of a curtain!!

Oh my goodness I couldn't believe when I found more paper curtains... what are the chances of that?? I had never even heard of paper curtains and then twice in the same month?? These are so beautiful, and they even come with hanging instructions...

These curtains are begging to go in the guest room where there is lots and lots of pink and ruffles so they will be "just the thing". I will smile every time I walk in there, they are so cheerful!
With much confusion and fanfare we took the little RV on it's maiden voyage last night, we went 14 miles to Silver Falls State Park, I thought it would be a little tacky if we stayed in the Walmart parking lot for our first outing... and it was the same distance.
We arrived about 10 pm, we might want to invest in some big lights that come on bright while backing...actually as long as the professional is driving it won't be a problem. He is amazing, I am so impressed when anyone can whip a trailer around like its nothing, so this was a piece of cake for him. The first time I pulled a trailer I hit a car in the church parking lot...apparently I need a little more practice.
There wasn't time for packing, so with a box of pop tarts, a couple bottles of water, a box of 'strike anywhere' matches and a case of diet coke we did fine. There was no manual to be found so when we figure out how to turn on the refrigerator and heater we'll be like seasoned RVers. I'm just waiting for someone to say we need to use our inside voices...

We took a hike through the woods at the crack of dawn this morning and look what I saw

I asked Dave if he could picture me with a plant identification book traipsing through the forest...


  1. Just tried leaving a long rambling comment about RVs, but it wouldn't load.

    This short one is a test!

  2. Ha! big is your motorhome? What about the bathroom...can you turn around in it?

    Gotta say...your curtains are better than the ones that came in our camp trailer. Who decorates these things anyway?

    Take lots of before pics so we can see what kind of magic you'll do.

    And remember: don't leave a bunch of stuff out there thinking it will be easier to pack the next time. Canned food rusts, salt gets damp and hard, blankets smell mildewy...of course, over here in the desert we're not having those problems...

    Maybe you should take it for a test drive over the mountain and come for a visit?

  3. Oh Joy, that is great!! Next time I drive by I will point out to Stacey "LOOK, thats their new RV!!" Rhinestones for cabinet handles?! Just a suggestion! lol Oh the stories you will be giving us! Have fun!! Laurie

  4. Vintage cowboy fer sher!!! Better yet, vintage cow GIRL. You'll be traveling in style! XOX

  5. OMG! Thanks for the funny post. I love those paper curtains. So very pretty. I'm glad you had a fun maiden voyage in your new home away from home. Can't wait to see what you do to it.



  6. Whew Hoo!!! I love the Cowgirl theme!!! Maybe there should be some horns as a hood ornament. So..guess we need to make some reservations at the Spokane County Fairgrounds RV parking!!! Glad Dave is driving...xoxo

  7. Hi Joy! I think your new wheels sound great! We got a spiffy trailer that is about the same vintage a few months back. I can't seem to develop a taste for the country blue and those built in window topper things. Marv was sure the decor would grow on me.Didn't! I was thinking the western motif as well. Haven't had time yet so I guess well be campin in country style again this summer. Kathy

  8. LOL Love this post! Who has to do the driving is my question!! Love to see some pics of the whole deal :D

  9. Joy - Welcome to the world of gently used RV'ers! We want to see how you decorate. My sweetheart and I bought a nice, small used trailer last August. It is lovely but I want to add to the decor and make it 'home'. I'll take Silver Falls State Park over Wal-Mart parking lot any day! I'm not far from either of them.

  10. I'm going to find you one of those bumper stickers "If this RV's rock'n don't bother knock'n".
    That is so cool and will save you tons on hotels!

  11. Two times in less than a month? Awesome find with the paper curtains! Yes, what are the chances? You are always such a lucky girl! Quite a photographer too. Let me see the trailer!

    Love you,

  12. I love the idea of the pink frilly curtains. Kinda a Pink Palace on wheels. The guys would never take it hunting. You have to post some pics! We have picked a theme for the Fall BBJ Show and how perfect is this ,its GYPSY CAMP. So you'll have the head start can't wait to see what you do.

  13. Hi Joy. This is Mindy writing you this message. :) I just wanted you to check out this site. Cute vintage wedding cake toppers and cake/cup-cake idea's & such! Fun Fun! There is also these goddy jewels for cakes! Anyways, talk to you soon! Mindy

  14. Well, one thing is for sure..... An RV is sooo much better than a tent!!!!

  15. I had never even heard of paper curtains before...paper clothes in the 60s--yes but not curtains. What a cool find! :) tina

  16. Best of luck on your RV overhaul. There was actually an article in a recent western magazine that featured a woman who redecorates rv's (I'll have to get the name of it for you). Sounds like a bunch of fun if you ask me. I can't wait to see the "after" photos.

  17. Oh what FUN!!
    I do the same thing..and
    am thrilled each time!!
    Our wodsie things arent out as much
    as yours.. I can't wait to go trillium
    hugs. Deena

  18. Hi Joy !! I wished I could of come to "play at Joys house" when Pam & Minday came to see you..... I know it was all business!!!
    I can already see you and your husband driving up to the Falls in your motorhome..... I see rhinestoned lined headlights and one heck of a "blinged" out bumper! I cant wait to see it, will you have it at Farm Chicks ?

    Have a great weekend,

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