Saturday, March 21, 2009

Many Friends

After a quick nap, and a Dave delivered dinner, I'm feeling ready to rejoin the land of the living. It might not have been one of my better ideas to rearrange and organize the shop/studio/storage unit before the 4 Friends Sale... It has been said (more than once) that I have a lot of junk, stuff. I am ready to admit that is true, luckily its all good stuff...But that is still a lot of treasures to shuffle. One day I will figure this all out and I will have to get a new hobby or something to use up all the extra time I will have.
It wouldn't matter how much time I had there would still never be time enough to get everything done that I would want before a show. So, last night we (the four friends and a couple of their helpers) had a little preshow tour. We met at Cindy's, then a quick stop here, another stop at Diane's, and finishing up at Martha's. I couldn't find my camera before I left, well... the truth is, I couldn't find my purse, good thing I got organized before the show... But I know if you go to their blogs, they will have some great photos and you will agree it is all pure...

I am so thankful for Isabel, she rearranged her schedule at the last minute to come to my rescue when my original plan went askew, and I needed some help with check out. I thought for awhile it was going to be one of the boys around here working with me. (Yikes, how sad would it be to have to chain one of them to the check out counter) Luckily I had a willing, and able helper and we had a great time visiting with everyone. It is always fun to see people we have come to know through our blogs and other shows we have done.

I'm glad to see spring in the Northwest, and I'm looking forward to this coming week as it is Spring vacation and Sam and I will find something fun to keep us busy.
He manages to keep me laughing. One night this week while I was working in the shop, he called my cell phone from the house phone, which in itself is funny because the shop is just outside the back door. He wanted to know if we could order a pizza for dinner. I told him to ask his dad, (after all I was busy getting organized,) He wanted to know where the phone number was and I told him if it wasn't on the refrigerator Dad could look it up in the phone book. A few minutes later he called me again to tell me he ordered the pizza. I wanted to know what he had said. He told me he said, I would like to order a large peperoni pizza, and I apologize that I am not a human, I am a child.


  1. Joy, I really missed being there last night (when the crew did the tour)...not to mention today. Cindy had me chained to the register all day "earning my keep." Apparently you all had quite the party/tour last night...don't know when the last time I have see Joe so tired!

  2. Joy, I love that story about Sam. So cute! Can't wait to see everyone's pictures of your sale. Love the photo with the Bliss.
    See you soon!


  3. Joy, I was so happy I could come and help you!! It was a great busy fun day!! Love you!

  4. Oh, darling, Joy, I had to miss out on your show yesterday and I do apologize. I just know it was wonderful!

    I'm delighted to know that Sam knows his place!


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  6. Joy, It was so fun being the new "Friend" this year. Thank you for your encouragement. Great pictures and Sam is such a cutie. Enjoy your Spring Break week together!! Hugs, M.

  7. I love those polka dotted letters. Were do I get them?