Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's Get Real...

Here is more from the continuing story of, I wish I knew how to make the computer do what I want it to do and less of a hit and miss way of using it. One of my big boys, who will remain nameless but we all know which one, (consider birth order) told me I should get a book that was several years old but kind of explained the basics of computer use. His thought was if I started back at the beginning, when maybe computers were a little less complicated (when would that have been?) maybe I could get a grasp. In other words, "Mom I have explained the file, folder, application thing a 100 times what don't you understand??" I'm thinking this isn't the right time to ask about pixels...
As any obedient mother would do, I marched right down to Border's to find that perfect book. After an hour in the magazine aisle looking at what I like and when I was certain no one was watching, I found the aisle with how to computer books. Well, I am here to tell you, there are aplenty!!! I had some trouble deciding which would be the less sleep inducing, here is the one I finally chose.

To some it might look like this

but everytime I see it, I see this...

How excited I am to work my way through this maze! Thankfully "multiple choice tests will show you how good your knowledge of Internet and e-mail is. If you pass the test, you will receive your free computer certificate by e-mail." Words cannot describe how thrilled I would be with an email certificate that would hang in my office claiming me as email certified...
Now you know what I have to look forward to...Life is just too exciting sometimes.
I showed the big boy my new book, he said he'd be out this weekend to get me straightened out.


  1. Oh Joy, that is too funny. (but let me know if it works,ok...ssssh) laurie

  2. A friend stopped in this morning to tell me he had become ordained to do weddings. I think I would trust your email certificate more than this! There is always a bright side!

    Very cute pic of you two also!

  3. Sounds like my life, and my son. I bought Windows XP for Dummies (even more demoralizing title than "senior") and I have never regretted it. Thanks for the smile. I like your blog!