Friday, November 21, 2008

Love These!!

I was able to be with several of my favorite people on Monday night. My sister Terri and I were helping my other sister Toni get the church ready for her mother in law's Memorial Service. Here is a shot of the nieces while we were decorating for the teaparty reception
to be held after their Grandmother's service. Doing things with these sweet girls is always precious, these are times that I cherish.

We have done lots of "get togethers" over the years and it is fun to see them do all the really important things that the "older" women have done for years. They can cook, set the tables pretty, get it all organized and be very efficient worker bees!! It goes without saying that they do it like we would.

In some ways doing the set up is more fun than the actual event. Not that I don't enjoy a party mind you, but working together seeing every one's input and co-operation is a pretty big thrill for me.
When Addie had her first birthday, Brynne and Jared had a big party for her. I remember thinking on the way, how strange it was because I had thrown a big party for my first baby's birthday who had been born exactly (Dusty and Addie have the same bday) 25 years before. It was hard to believe that it had been 25 years, the little ones were now the moms and dads...If I was still young, how could they be old enough to be parents?? They were acting like they were capable of throwing a great party and raising babies, but they were still babies, how could we be the same age??? Gee what a crazy mixed up world...All this to say, I need to lay off the, all this to say what fun to be part of a family, to watch the little ones grow up, to see that they care about each other and all the little things that we have enjoyed doing together will continue. Maybe we influence people in ways we aren't even aware, maybe when I'm "seriously old" I will just sit back and watch it happen...But until then, I am looking forward to the next "get together", someone needs to be in charge!

The flowers were lovely.

The silver was shiny

It was beautiful way to honor their grandmother.


  1. Everything looked so beautiful. I am sure she was looking on in such appreciation for her amazing family and all of the wonderful details put into the gathering. The flowers in the tea pot were gorgeous!

  2. It was the *perfect* way to honor a grandmother~special times with special people.
    I think you always have something *blogworthy* to say :)