Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready, Set, Decorate!!

I feel a little behind the eight ball, but I am finally getting going. I thought this would be the year that I would do a little less... Well, I am having a little trouble with that concept, but I am trying. I have lots of help...I mentioned to Sam, he might want to decorate the branches a little higher or a little lower, he assured me he was!

"How is this mom?"

Almost done...

These display trees are pretty pathetic with nothing on them..

Just a few dozen balls and what an improvement.
I'm having a little trouble making up my mind with the color scheme for the rooms. Now that I have redecorated the same tree 3 times I think I'm set. Stay tuned for updates on that!



  1. Where did you get the display trees? They are great with ornaments on them!

  2. That tree is adorable. I've never seen one like it.
    Good job decorating it. I'll stay tuned to see hwat changes.
    Barbara Jean

  3. Hi Joy! Both trees look darling!! Aren't the boys fun at this age? Soon they'll be too old and "cool" to get so excited with us! Thank you for the signs! Please make another one real quick that says ONE BIG DORK that can't say no IS sitting here!!

    Love you,

  4. Love that wire tree form all decorated with those glass ornaments! I need to address the thought of decorating myself once I get back home from Oregon. Week after Thanksgiving = The start of Decking the Halls!
    Have fun decorating the rest of your home!

  5. Always smile when I read your blog.

    I like those muslin-y that the dining room?

  6. Hi Joy!! Tell Sam hi for me and that I love his earring. What do we get ourselves into this time of year??? Hope to see you soon, xoxo Cindy

  7. Just love, love , love all of your decorations! Is that a glittered nativity? I like it:)
    This is a very sweet post about your parents moving in-and very sweet of you to have them.
    Merry Christmas!