Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Okay, Now What?

Here it is 4 hours after the day after the second day after the fourth day after the "event" and I can't help but wonder...What AM I going to do with myself?? I have no "events" planned for who knows how long and so NOW WHAT?? Yes, I could clean house, I could do book work (but seriously it isn't even April yet) I could do lots of things, but what oh what should I do?? I'm getting a little nervous here... I will have to make a plan and work the plan as they say...
Well needless to say, I have found plenty to keep me busy since I started this post... I guess the plan should be, find time to do a post...

Enough about my worries, I want to share a little about Christmas in Historic Silverton. I had some concerns about turnout since I did an email but not a postcard mailing as I do for most of the sales I have here at the house, but I have to say we had a terrific turnout!

I'm not sure how I found out about this event, but over 20 years ago (yikes that means I was just an infant) my girlfriends and I would travel from Oregon City (about 30+ miles) to Silverton, there were the cutest shops and the most wonderful bazaars, we made it an annual pilgrimage. Never would I have guessed that someday this would be my town, that I would be fortunate enough to be involved with the other shopkeepers and artists celebrating Christmas in Silverton. Many of the venues and most of the items have changed over the years, but it still feels the same in many ways, there is a map, still printed in red ink. You will still see red, green and gold balloons marking the participating vendors. It is a fun day to spend in Silverton with your girlfriends getting ready for the holiday season.

Here I am with Gayle, she was one of those original girlfriends from Oregon City that came with me all those years ago.

And 20 years later we are still enjoying Christmas in Historic Silverton together.

When the last customer left my shop Friday evening, Gayle and I made a beeline downtown to see what was going on. As clever planners would have it, this event always coinsides with First Friday (the first Friday of the month) most of the downtown merchants stay open until 9pm.

We found Jori, she looks glad to see us! She was set up with her wonderful repurposed fabric art on the second floor of the Wolf Building. She and Cecila (the owner of the yarn The Purl District and fabric store Snippets, down stairs) both had items that were remade with felted wool.

I'm pretty sure she was waving, I don't think she was shooing us away??

That must be a look of delight on her face

Now Jori thinks we might want to go thisaway??

Behind Jori is Jen, who is also setup to do business upstairs for the weekend. Her business is Sew Divine.

She has a darling line of baby items, that sweet little baby on her business card is hers!
This was the view from where they were.
Yes, more shoppers!!
They look excited too!!

A sample of Celia and Jori's merchandise. Not a very good a terrible picture (an idea for what I can do with all my free time, practice photography)
Here is that excited shopper, we saw coming in the door.

She has a new felted pin she is modeling.

It was so much fun seeing every one of you that made it out for Christmas in Historic Silverton. It always feel like a party to me, to see my old friends, meet their friends and make new friends. This was my 10th year of having the store open for this sale. One of the best parts of all of the things I do is connect with all of you. Some of you I met the first year and what a wonderful pleasure it has been, that only gets more precious with time. If I'm acting a little over excited to see you, it's because I am! Here is a little princess that came with her mom, her grandmom, and their our friend. I have heard what a precious angel she was, but she generally gets left behind. (By the way, it is a treat to have your little ones here, they absolutely delight me.)
When they asked her if she wanted to go with them to see Auntie Joy, and she most certainly did!
Did she have a clue who I was? Nope but, being a princess after my own heart, she knew there was a good time to be had and didn't want to miss out on the fun! And she was right, she was having a great time making friends and finding treasures!


  1. I am soo glad you had a great turn-out-just reading about it makes me *wish* even more that I had made the trip over last weekend...I soo wanted to.

    I'm busy getting ready for our open house this weekend-full of anxiety too, how much will this economy take its toll on sales and it is so much time setting up-I just hope I'm not wasting it!

  2. Sorry I missed this event!! :( I won't be in the area until Thanksgiving week when I visit my parents in Scio. So, I will have to make the trek with my mom to the downtown shops in Silverton which I love.
    Hope you had a great turnout!
    Happy November!

  3. Wish I could have been there... Miss you!

  4. It sounds like so much fun! Thank you THANK you so very much for helping me finish at (suprise) the last minute. You saved the day, my friend.

    Happy Almost Birthday!

    Love you!

  5. Ugh, I MEANT surprise! You know how I hate typos.


  6. Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. We need to plan a shopping/craftin day soon.



  7. Glad it went well. Sorry I missed all the fun.

  8. Joy -- was so much fun to see you! I told hubby about the Santa/snowball just like the one from his Gram. He laughed and wanted to make sure I told you it's history. I think he secretly wished he had come, too! B :)