Monday, September 8, 2008

Are You Bored Yet?

When I am thinking about doing a post, I try and think of something I find amusing, inspiring or in some other way "blog worthy". It is starting to feel like it's either, look at the show I did... listen to what Sam said, and here are a few pictures of my friends.. I realize that this might seem ever so exciting and gee I can't wait to see what today's post is about... but on the other hand I could copy last years post on the same date and who would know the difference? Yes, you guessed it's time for a little change! Bored with all the same ole, same ole?? I have a great idea, but before I spill the beans on that.. I will tell you all about it on the next post.
I realize you are beyond excited to know how the shows in Albany and Coburg were this weekend. You can't wait to see the pictures of my friends and naturally what funny thing did Sam say?
I would love to be able to report, I was rested, ready, and organized when Dave got home from work early on Friday, so we could hop in Dumbo and meander our way to Albany. It's only about an hour so we didn't have to leave too early and there were just a few things I wanted to finish... We left about 12 midnight, and there were still just a few things I wanted to finish but... We got there about 1 am, did a real quick sleep and started unloading at 4am.. does all this have a familiar ring??
The crazy part is it really is fun and I meet the greatest people, here is a perfect example

An adorable little guy with money to spend! He was shopping Saturday in Albany. I never did wrestle that dollar from him..I need to work on my marketing skills I guess.

It was a pretty warm day in Albany and even though I have a canopy, I have it so full I need to stand in front so there is room for people to look. This also allows me to make sure none of my 'friends' walk by without saying hi! This is a smaller show but it is amazing how many people come on their way to Coburg for the REALLY BIG show the following day.
Here are a few of the things I took.

I had 30 pieces of this cast iron trim, luckily lots of them sold because that was a very heavy basket to carry!

The party, I mean the show was over at 4pm so Dave the driver came to help me get it all packed up to load. He had spent the day sleeping in Dumbo and keeping one eye on Sam. He was parked less than a block from my booth, so occasionally Sam would escape and show up bringing his mom a diet coke..Whadda kid!!

Because Dumbo with the trailer is soooo long, we pretty much need to wait for all the other vendors to be gone before Dave can pull in to load. That works for me because when all my friends are gone I sneak off for my turn to have a little nap. The crazy part is even though I have sold all kinds of things big and small, when it is time to pack it all back, the trailer is still full! We have a pretty decent system and even though Dave is big and strong we carry the big things together or use the hand truck. I carry the smaller boxes and totes to the door of the trailer and he packs them in, that way if it doesn't fit I blame him! It works for me!

Now would be the perfect time to tell you that we sat down in Dumbo for that delicious meal that I had prepared the week before knowing that we would be tired and hungry... Well, I guess not! We grabbed some fast food, but didn't have it to go, since Dave can't seem to get the hang of eating his meal while pulling the circus train!!

I have another little nap while Dave does his driving thing and we FINALLY get to Coburg, which is only about 40 miles from Albany, about 8pm! Yikes we only have an hour to set up the tent and unload, and I need to say hi to all my friends, who were by this time nearly finished with their set up! That hour between 8pm and 9pm flew by and we got next to nothing done in the dark.

"Bye everyone, we will see you in the morning!"

A quick 15 minutes to Grandma and Grandpa's house a shower and another fast sleep and we are back in Coburg by 4am.
It was still dark but we have headlights, so we got it unpacked and set up before we killed each other, I mean before we knew it!
People were coming by on their bikes,

Buying the cowboy boots

Friends were dropping by to say hi!

Some of my friends were way across the road and I didn't get to visit with them at all! This shopper, and blog friend came all the way from Brookings to see us, well she probably came to shop, but we did have a great time visiting!!

The King of Tarte was there in the booth next to me, sporting his ever so deserving crown!

He was filling in for the Queen

While she was off doing what ever Queen's of Tarte do...

Had a fun visit with my girls, the 2 on the left have worked for me (Anna and Brianna) and Sam says they are his sisters.

Are you wondering why Brianna is wearing her nightie? That's no nightie, that is a wedding dress waiting to happen!
With a little cutting here and a little cool old lace sewn there..

Looks like I did raise these girls right!


  1. We really missed seeing you this weekend at Coburg. We were supposed to go, but Papa Bear needed some rest (my song is a broken record)!!

    You have been working the circuit like a lunatic...I need to get me some Diet Coke and start living like a Rock Star! :o)

    Hope to see you soon Suga,


  2. yes... you rarely have much to say... ha ha! you are so busy! i'm sorry i didn't get to coburg either! can't wait to see you again!


  3. I did some cutting on the dress this morning on the start of my 'vacation'! ha! Coburg was a blast, and I can't even tell you how much I LOVE my dress! Thank you so much! I'll bring it by once I'm back from down south! Love you! (oh, and I think you did a wonderful job raising us!! ;) )