Sunday, September 14, 2008

Here's the Change

As I'm sure you've heard, variety is the spice of life. I'm all for spice! Let's spice it up I always say! Well, I've never actually said it, but I think it a lot. This year on Dave's birthday which is the end of October, marks our 10th year in business!!! Wow! 10 years!! We've had lots of spice over the years and lots of fun.

We had our first open house/grand opening to coincide with Dave's 50th birthday, now a decade later...Time to celebrate!! Instead of the annual Christmas Open House the weekend after Thanksgiving, we are celebrating October 10th and 11th in honor of our milestones. Hope you can join us.

Here is a little flash from the past, Dave's birth announcement. His mom must of thought she was getting a baby girl and that is why she had the pink blanket on the announcement?? Or just maybe 60 years ago there wasn't the gazzillion choices for birth announcements that we now have?

Sweet baby in a vintage bassinet, oh wait that was a new bassinet! Now it would be considered vintage...
Do you suppose I could find that wallpaper somewhere???
What a sweet baby boy!!

I KNOW he would want me to show you this picture of him and Sam when Sam was the baby!! (I'm pretty glad I'm the one with the blog and the pictures and not him...)
That expression on his face makes me laugh out loud (lol) he seems to be thinking, what are you doing now?? Sam on the other hand is having a little drink I think... How funny!! Still glad I have blog control..

Before I go on and on about the Harvest Sale/Open House I wanted to let everyone know about next Sunday, when I will be at Deepwood Estate for an Antique Faire. This is such a great venue, it is in the gardens of a beautiful historic estate in Salem. I hope if you are anywhere close you will come by and see us. I will be with Diane of Molly Mo's in the shade garden.

Not to change the subject abruptly but.....I have a friend Nikki who has a daughter Stacy,who has a blog, and as I was checking what was new there, I read this... about the queen herself,you might want to check this out for yourself!!


  1. Cute pics Joy !! This will be a fun way to celebrate :)
    Im excited to come, I love Fall maybe more than Christmas- ok well not maybe as much but close! I hope you still decorate your house and show pics during Christmas however, see ya soon .

  2. I loved this post. Especially the pic of Dave and Sam in the shower. Expression on Dave's face is priceless. We are having our garage sale this Friday and Saturday, but I will try to make it down to the Deepwood Sale. It's so pretty there and I think it will be a really fun sale to go to.

    Miss you!


  3. Hi Joy , Did you and Diane make it to Monticello? Where's Dianes Blog? How do you do a cross out on the words? I have so many questions , I need to see you. :0) We are going to try and make it to Deepwood in the afternoon. I hope you do really well and that you have everything ready! Sue

  4. Great photos, Joy! I could have picked that baby out as Dave even if it was in with a million others. Isn't Sam cute there too? Precious! Miss you.


    p.s. my Email isn't up yet, but I got the new computer! I xoxoxo it!

  5. Love the photos of Dave & Sam in the shower...classic!

  6. Party, party, party!!!!! I was just going to send you a comment saying I miss you too! We need to get together... maybe next week?