Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Weekends Should Be Longer

Weekends should be longer so that there would be time to post, and the Monday/Tuesday post wouldn't be a marathon event!!

It started early, early Friday morning when I was up trying to get fliers made for my Open House, since I didn't get them printed in time to take to Blackberry Junction and Vintage Roost. Thankfully I would have them Friday afternoon for the trip Saturday morning to Barn House and for the sale at Deepwood on Sunday.
I was especially glad I had them printed professionally when the ones I printed on my demon possessed printer/copy machine were so pathetic I was embarrassed to leave them, but after all that was the excuse I was giving myself for taking 2 days off to have fun network. I mean really a business person needs to advertise and get out and see what is going on in the world...

Networking is fun!! One of the more enjoyable aspects of my job. I met up with Diane (Molly Mo's), her grown up daughter Cara and Martha for a quick trip to Albany. Martha has some of her wonderful treasures for sale at Blackberry Junction. She had "just a few more things" she wanted to drop off before it opened.
They were set up and doing just a little last minute sweeping up when we arrived. Where in the world does Laurena find such hard working cleanup help? (Only your husband would be willing to take time off work, to work so hard.) And here comes Mandy, she does the coffee and food, which by the way is delicious. Not to mention how cute is she??? Then there is Julie another worker bee, also pretty darn cute getting ready to have a fun day! That's a mighty pretty apron she's sporting.

Again this year the show is just terrific! There is so much to see, they do a great job setting up different areas so things flow nicely. Then they restock every evening and it looks great the next morning.

Do you see some of the amazing Carol Curtis quilts and aprons on display??
Seems like just yesterday I taught her to sew... Oh wait, I guess I didn't teach her to sew, I have been loving her work for so long I thought I must have been involved somehow!!

I love this sign it would be a great saying for a t-shirt too.
We left there and just a hop, skip and a jump from there is Vintage Roost. The top picture on today's post is of their driveway. This event takes place a couple times a year and is always a treat.
There was a lot to see and many hand crafted items, they have some of Sheila's charms for sale. I didn't get many pictures inside because there were lots of shoppers and the lights were getting in my way... I thought about asking if people would leave and I could turn off the lights, but thought maybe that would be an unpopular idea. This is Debbie the show is on her property, she is wearing one of the jackets she makes and sells at the show. So when I was through looking at all the wonderful treasures I went outside and what a beautiful setting for this sweet show.
The front porch.
The back porch.
Things to buy everywhere!

It was all so pretty and made me glad that it was fall!

Saturday I picked up my friend Karen and we were off to Barn House Battle Ground, I mean really... I had cards to deliver and advertising needs to be a priority!

It was a harvest feast for the eyes! The entry area is great! I like to take time to enjoy the whole picture before I start tuning in on what I need to buy. But the whole time I'm enjoying taking it all in, I'm thinking in the back of my mind... hurry, hurry all these people are getting the stuff you are going to want!! It makes it hard for me to enjoy my special time, but I do the best I can. Okay, it is a very short time that I spend taking it in, then I dive right in and start shopping!

When I go in I see all the people I love to see and I want to talk to them and I get distracted...

There was Rebbecca, I met her at the BH Flea Market, we were booth neighbors.

There was Karen who I am always so glad to see. She is out and about often probably networking and finding all the great things she sells in her booth.
There was Lynne, who I also got acquainted with at the BH Flea Market this summer. She is modeling the hat she was buying from Rebbecca . She also stays busy networking and looking for great treasures to sell.
And of course there was Natalie, she had sold a mannequin and was just giving her a little hug good bye. Do you see a pattern here These people love their products!!

It is always great to see her and her husband Lynne, she has been refereed to as Queen of Primitives and always finds the one you were looking for! She also makes wonderful soldered necklaces and has a fabulous way of displaying it all. I won't mention the fact that she also won the dessert bake off at the BH Flea Market... Perhaps she is Queen of Everything... and that is why I have never seen her without that beautiful smile??? Certainly worth looking into..

Here you can see Sylvi, she is also one of the bright smiles you will usually see at BH. She is so sweet and has the greatest treasures that she sells exclusively at BH.

They will be hosting one last show this year and I hope you will plan to meet me there. BH is collaborating with Cindy, The Queen of Tarte and it is sure to be the most fun and over the top yet! The date is Saturday October 18th.

We unloaded in the dark Saturday night, because Deepwood is a busy mansion, and there was a wedding being held until 8pm. But being the party animals that we are... why wouldn't we want to stay up having fun until midnight??

It was worth it in the morning when we had a couple hours of daylight to finish getting ready and that was hard to do as we had our fingers crossed that the light sprinkles would not turn into serious showers.

It turned out to be perfect weather and we met new friends, like this couple from Sweet Home! We saw our friend Vanessa, she was out and about early finding great treasures.
That bed looked inviting and had those cushions been dry...One of Diane's displays.
More goodies for sale.

We had a a terrific time sold lots, visited, shopped, it was all fun and games until...half an hour before closing it started to pour!!


  1. Thanks for the great pictures. I know the flyer stress. I do that for my sales here in Wisconsin and I am always freaking out about getting them done. Someday I will get to your area for one of those great events. k

  2. Whoo-hooo! I can't beleive I made it on your BLOG!! You know what this means don't you??

    I am officially FAMOUS! (now where are all the agents and the yummy contracts?)

    On a much more serious note Joy, you brighten my days and that was before we met in person! Keep it up sister chick.....

    Your Sweet Home girl (and yummy hubby)

    Jodi & Jeff

  3. Joy, Come and show me how to add many pictures to my post. I finially got some wedding pictures to show off. Help. Pam

  4. Fun looking at all the shows I missed.


  5. This post makes me love fall all the much more! ADORE your pic's Joy!!! I would like one of everything please!!!
    Sending love from the south!

  6. Hi Joy what a great post, Lots of fun stuff going on!The pictures are always fun to look at. We are frantically getting ready for our show. Any chance you'd want to do it? I'm giving large areas for some venders to set up there own areas this year,still with a blended look.Hope you can be part!Have a great week!! Kathy

  7. WOW! That was a great post !!
    Thanks for taking and showing your pics, I actually didnt want it to end, I love looking at all those awesome treasures.
    Cant wait to see you at your sale, Im very excited about it !!

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  10. awwwww....sweet words Joy! thank you so much! you sure are a busy lady! i am so excited to come to your harvest sale, and see your place! and.... I have a little treat for you! see you soon!


  11. Oh, Joy, I enjoyed looking at these pictures so much, since I didn't have a chance to go to either event....!!!! Can I come spend some time with you next week? I need a Joy fix...

  12. BH was fun Saturday morning. I mentioned to Jermonne that between listening to the rooster crow and your laughter I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!

    Does your blog tell where your harvest sale is and I'm just too lazy to find it? Mom lives in Silverton and I must might have to visit and take her shopping!

  13. Thank you so much for coming and bringing your beautiful (and loud) laughter with you!!! I never thought I would meet someone who could cram more shopping into one weekend, but you win the award!! Can't wait to come to your show and celebrate with YOU! We will be the hillbillies loading stuff on the roof of the truck...in case you don't recognize us. ;o)

    The Boys of Barn House