Friday, September 26, 2008

Count Down to Open House

Yes, 2 weeks from today all the dust will have settled and I'll be ready??!!

I'm not really worried, I have lots of time before the Open House. I just need to tidy up a bit... Well, what I really mean is I have to paint the trim in 2 rooms, I do have most of the nail holes filled with putty so now its just bring out the paint and I'll be done in no time! I do still need to paint the walls, but that goes fast.
Then I need to add a few select items to the rooms and get rid of what I don't want to use. That translates into, bring everything I own into the rooms I'm overhauling and then haul it out when I'm done and price and arrange what's left in the store..

This is what I really like to do... start about 2 dozen projects, 2 weeks before a get together and see if I can't get Dave to go crazy... I think he secretly takes a little sedative each morning, turns down his hearing aide and gives me that look that says."Hmmm, did you say something?" It's a great game... see which one will crack first!
He use to ask me if I couldn't vacuum with out rearranging the furniture? Seriously what kind of question is that? If you are moving it, then why wouldn't you move it?? If you know what I mean??
I only wish I had time to finish all the great ideas I think of, but that would put Dave out of a job, wouldn't it?? After all he won't have to load the trailer and drive anywhere!! He will have lots of time to help finish all the little last minute details. Who doesn't like to feel needed!

I count 2 weeks before I need to have it all pulled together and that is 14 days you know.. The problem is as I stated before, Life gets in the way of Progress..

My niece Brynne and, baby Big Girl, Addie will be here visiting from Michigan for a few days and I will want to spend some time being with them. If you have been reading awhile you will remember Bee and her sister Livy were due to have babies just a few weeks from each other. Sadly I must tell you that Livy has suffered a miscarriage and we are all so sad for her and her husband. Although I have never lost a baby, I remember from the moment I knew I was pregnant, every maternal feeling I could imagine well up in me and I was making plans and dreaming dreams for my little one. I know I would have been staggered by the loss as I know she must be.
We are thinking good thoughts and hoping for better times ahead for them.

I do have plenty to do but when Cousin Kay called to say she would be in Eugene on Wednesday, I put Sam on the school bus and headed south to see her. My mom and sister-in-law Judy joined us and off we went to search for treasures. We found all we could fit in the trunk of the car and finished our outing with a stop at Ruthie B's.

I know I have mentioned Ruthie B's store, it is in Springfield. I love her Halloween decorations, her store has a primitive country feel and it is a perfect backdrop for all the vintage Halloween she has collected over the years.

My Cousin Kay comes from Chowchilla, which people who haven't heard of the town sometimes think you are saying Chincilla. How perfect is this??
Are you seeing a new hobby in Cousin Kay's future?? Not a chance!!

Lots o f Halloween every where..
The Star of the Show Ruthie

Lots to see everywhere.

Do you remember these couple of jokers??

They are Judy's sweeties and they have a great sense of humor.

When they heard

what my mom
and their mom
would be using for transportation
to the
Open House

It really cracked them up!

Hope you can find a way to get there!


  1. Hey Joy...count down to what? might want to check your blog...ummm, nothing is there, hope it didn't get deleted. I'll be checking back. Laurie

  2. Opps, sometimes I hit enter after I put in the title and it posts.. I should have deleted it instead of edit!! Could be a new trick to keep people checking back!!

  3. Hi Joy
    Thanks for the b;log lesson post - I knew you could figure it out! I haven't tried it yet but if I get stuck I know where to turn.
    How many "one more things" do you have planned for the next 2 weeks? I would love to be a fly on your wall.
    I have only been to Ruthie B's once but what a memorable shop! She had the best cabinets.
    Have a great Open House , Sue

  4. So sorry to hear of Livy's miscarriage.

    Sounds like you and Cousin Kay had fun!

    I know you'll get everything put together in time to WOW your customers.

    Did you get my email re: Susan's pre-sale? Would you like to come?

  5. I really love Ruthie B's.....have gone there quite a bit when I am visiting my parents in Scio. I always seem to come away from that store with something in my hand! Love their red and white stuff! The lunches and desserts there are really yummy too....can't wait to go again soon.
    Have a great open house---I wish I didn't live so far away.... :(

  6. Hey Joy!
    Next time your down the Eugene way besides Ruthie's (which I love) check out Amelia's Antiques on River Road in Eugene. They have a wonderful selection of Halloween and all seasons, and prices are great!

  7. Hi Joy! Is that a photo of your Mom on the pretend horse? Either way, she is sooooo cute. I am still in hell until tomorrow night.

    Love you,

  8. Great to see Ruthie B's. Haven't been there forever. Hope to see you on the 10th and Ellen will be getting in touch. She has your number. xoxo, M.

  9. Yay! almost time =D your open house is on homecoming so thank goodness your open saturday! I haven't been on blogworld for along time, but i found some extra time, i miss all of you guys. Dont tell my mama i'm blogging during school, haha
    See ya soon
    XOXO Brandie

  10. You Americans really do Halloween in a big way, don't you? Love the photos!