Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's This? A New Trick!

Occasionally I enjoy, get to, can't stop until I figure out how to do something.. so I work on it until I get it... After all how hard can this be I ask myself?? Everyone else seems to be able to do it!! (I thought this about labor and delivery too, and I was wrong!) Occasionally, rarely I win this battle. Last night it was, hook up the laptop to the printer. Seriously all the other times, I plug in the little grey cord to both (in computer language that is the USB...) and ...whah laa... This was not to be the case last night. The truth is I fought the computer and the computer won!! I tried about 40 times read all the info, went everywhere in cyberspace, I know everything else about everything I don't need to know and am sure to not remember when I need too, but whatever...
My friend
Sue, thinks I know what I'm doing so please if you see her don't let on... She asked me how to link a site and I did just happen to know that, (who knows how that came about.) Then she asked how to strike out a word you know, can I tell her how to do that??? Of course I can.... which is the real problem you know, (I think I can do anything) luckily I did figure that one out.

If you already know this skip ahead. Sooo.... you are typing along and you want to cross something out instead of delete. Where the heck is that button?? Evidently in blogger there isn't one. So you hit Edit Html, and up pops gibberish. You find the word you want to cross out lets say, I hate computers, no hate is a little strong so, in Edit Html mode I type on both sides the word or words you want to cross out, evidently the / is magic to the formula because if you forget it... everything from then on get a line through it! I know that for sure... No doubt that is a clear as mud... Which explains why I don't write a book on computer programing..

If you are young or old and smart and all this is sooo easy then you need to stop right now and thank your lucky stars!!! I personally consider the computer a drug, yes a drug of choice, but still a drug. Someone (in my case my kids) get you hooked. It starts soooo subtle, "hey mom pick a name and you can get magic mail, it's free;" now I'm listening they get you on, or hooked and next thing you know... You HAVE to have it!! Your kids move out take their computer brains with them.... And there you are just you and the magic box...

You know a little but not enough, you try something it works so your sucked into thinking you control the computer but NO it controls you!! You have stuff in there you want to get and it's hiding!! Is it here? No, how about here? Did I look there? You finally find it but by that time you are soooo weary you don't know how??? I'm thinking that is an addiction and what the heck are we going to do now??
Sheila got at new green computer, personally I would have chosen pink, but I don't think that is the answer either...

I could go on and on and on about this and if I ever put labels on my blog there will be one called Whinning about Computers. I know that will be very popular!! All of this to say, I finished the postcards (on the computer) I even know how to find them, but... guess I will be going to the printers for copies to take to Deepwood this Sunday. In case you aren't going to be there here is a sneek peek...
The Front

The Back

I will be sending these, hopefully only once, to people on my email list and also on my other mailing list, the one where you use stamps... Maybe an option I should take more seriously??? Free a word to ponder..


  1. oh oh oh, where did you get the fancy scrollie lines on your card?? Ummm, I have't asked anyone how to put a line through a word, I feel like everyone knows but it REALLY that easy?? I'll give it a try. Laurie

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Did you really know I was reading yours last night???? Been up at Barn House & it will be a sweet sale, I promise :o)
    PS: BG stands for Battle Ground.

  3. Joy, you may want to lay off the caffeine for a little while..... JUST KIDDING!! I can so relate to you!! See you soon!

  4. Hi! Ummm - I STILL do not know how to do a link - I'm not even positive that I know what it means - I THINK I do. Would you by any chance know of someplace I might go for a tutorial on how to do it? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me. Heidi